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The New Hampshire is Haunted

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 6:35pm by Colonel Alexandria Mc Laughlin

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: USS New Hampshire
Tags: anyone who wants to order an Irish Pizza

Colonel Alexandra Mc Laughlin and Major Scott Dennison sat in lounge chairs, drinking real barrel-aged bourbon fruit punch, in the shade of the front porch of a cabin, watching the Celtic Cup Championships on a screen, in a holo scene made to appear like an Earth woodland in Kentucky. They were in the holodeck because their presence on the Bastion was classified, technically they were not there. They had been extracted a month earlier than expected, and the operation was turned over to the Federation Marshalls.

“How long have we got until our rendezvous with New Hampshire?” Alexandria asked as she held up her fruit jar for more bourbon punch. “ We can hang in here, or transport directly to quarters. Captain Grasi is on silent running until we are dropped off.”

“ 17 hours and we will be rid of that Chicken shit. He doesn't like being haunted.” Dennison laughed as he filled his partner’s glass. ‘Haunted’ being the terms Intelligence officers used meaning that ‘spooks’ or ‘intelligence personnel’ were onboard or hanging about. In this case he and Mc Laughlin were just catching a ride to the Ares Sector to their next posting.

“Not nearly fast enough,” Alexandria commented.

“Are you going to reply to your sister’s letter?” Dennison asked, already knowing the answer. Neither of them had much interaction with their families. Since their op together, he and Xandra had been each other’s family. They kept their circle tight, in that way keeping each other alive. They shared their lives, two children, lived as a unit and were so close they could finish each other’s sentences. “Look at that Xan… Derry just scored another one, Tyrone does not have a chance now.”

“Yeah, I saw it. Damn it.. you answer the letter.” Alexandria shook her head at the screen. “Oh, she has another baby, great. I will send her a note of congratulations at some point.”

“You know being an only child is lonely at times, sometimes I wish my parents had a sister for me.” Dennison smiled in jest.

“You can have one of mine.” Alexandria smiled at him. “I will gladly give you one or all of the triplets.”

“I’ll take George Ann, maybe Jo Ann, but Rae Ann Hell to the no. Her husband is crazy as a pit bull on tetrolycosin.”Dennison shuddered at the idea of Aran Krezek.

The happy woodland hideout was interrupted by a beeping com badge. “ Colonel Mc Laughlin, we have Commodore Pike on a secured channel.”

Alexandria cringed.”Hold please.” she said looking over at Dennison
“Think we ought to get dressed?” She nodded to the fact she was wearing a 2397 Celtic Cup Championship t-shirt, faded jeans, and no shoes. Her hair was in long french braided ponytails, and Her sandals were tossed casually under her chair. He was wearing an identical t-shirt, with camo pants, and sneakers.

“What’s wrong with the way we are dressed?” Dennison said, taking his sunglasses out of his pocket, putting them on, and adjusting his backwards baseball cap.

“Computers create a second communications screen.” Alexandria said she was not about to take up the screen with their game on it, for the call. She then tapped her com badge, as she slid down her own sunglasses “Put the Commodore through.”

When Commodore Pike appeared on-screen Alexandria greeted him “Commodore Pike. Good afternoon. What can we do for you ?”

Jack was in his ready room on the New Hampshire, seeing how the two were dressed he said nothing “Starfleet command has given orders for you two to be transferred over to the New Hampshire at 0800 tomorrow morning.”

Dennison took a sip from his fruit jar of bourbon punch and shrugged.

"0800?" Alexandria looked at Pike incredulously " It's 1900 now, Commodore Pike. We are about 16 hours away, so we can report by 1200. Will that suffice?"

Jack nodded “Very well, 1200 us fine by me. We won’t be leaving Star Base 400 yet.”

Dennison almost choked on his drink at the mention of the Starbase. Commodore Pike was obviously used to working with Intelligence and Black Ops.

Alexandria and Scott looked at each other, and then back at the screen.

“Commodore, we will have our equipment and gear to the New Hampshire and report to you in your office on the New Hampshire at 1200“ She hoped that he would understand that reporting on a publicly accessible Starbase would be impossible for them. “I presume that you have a secured access area prepared for Intelligence and Special Operations aboard your ship?”

Jack nodded “I will have everything set up for you on the New Hampshire by the time you two arrive. I have had family members in those divisions, so I know a thing or two.”

“Good I won't need to update your senior staff on Intelligence protocols then." Alexandria said, doubting that it was true.

Jack shook his head “No you won’t have to worry about the senior staff.”

“Well then we will see you at 1200 then in your office on the New Hampshire, not the Starbase. Mc Laughlin Out.” Alexandria closed the channel, wanting to keep the communications short, and more secure.

<1200 USS New Hampshire>

Two pizza delivery people wearing jeans, bright green shirts that said ‘Uncle Finnick’s Delicious Irish Pizza Delivery’ on the front and the Irish Flag on the back, and matching green caps stepped on to the lift. The taller male carried a bag with two white pizza boxes, the female carried a drink carrier with four bottles of soda in one hand, and a bag with cloverleaf cookies in the other.

Once inside the lift Dennison looked over at Alexandria “Xan you think anyone noticed us?”

Alexandria shook her head. “No. Of course not. I am sure that Commodore Pike gets pizza deliveries all the time.”

Once the lift doors opened Dennison nodded toward the security officer, and spoke in a heavy Irish accent “Irish PIzza delivery for Commodore Pike.” They moved to the door of the ready room.

The bridge security officer shook his head in disbelief and tapped his combadge. “ Commodore Pike..Sir, there are uhmmm there is an Irish pizza delivery here for you.”

Jack took a sip of his coffee then chuckled “It’s okay, thank you Ensign.” He tapped the button to let the two officers into the ready room. “Hello Colonel, Major.” He spoke after the doors closed.

Dennison sat the pizza boxes on the desk. 'I hope you like cheese, the other one is Uncle Finnick’s onion and beef special.” He flopped down casually in a chair across from the Commodore.

“You ordered two operatives.” Alexandria said, laying the soda and cookies on the desk next to the pizza. “Sorry for the unusual arrival, but as you know, our presence is classified. We have to be able to move about the ship, and take care of ground operations and eliminate assigned targets without being noticed.” She sat down next to Dennison.

Jack looked at the two “It’s okay I understand how things can be slightly crazy.” He looked at the padd in front of him then slide it across his desk “Here is the unofficial off the records transfer of you two over to the New Hampshire.”

“Acknowledged. Do you have a current target in mind?” Dennison asked. Gazing at the Padd.

“Acknowledged. Major really? Does the Commodore look like the type who just decides to eliminate people?” Alexandria glared at Dennison.

Dennison shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean he ordered us up here didn’t he? “

“Behave.”Alexandria kicked Dennison's leg. “And apologize to the Commodore.”

Dennison sat up straight. “Yes, Ma’am. My apologies Commodore.”

“Seriously though, we can not just be seen or called up the bridge, so we will need to either stay out of sight, or figure out a cover reason for us to be here. All of the equipment we brought is classified, and so we can not have people just wandering on the deck where we are located, you understand.” Alexandria said.

Jack nodded “Don’t worry, more then not you will probably not be called up to the bridge. I’ll take care of ways to contact you guys and will make sure the deck you two are on will be off limits.”

Alexandria stood, and nodded to Dennison “ Well, we will leave you to your lunch then, you know where to find us, and if we have information for you, we will be in touch. “ She sighed at Dennison “Come Along Major.”

Dennison stood up “Oh sorry. Yeah we’ll stay close. You might not see us, but we will be around. Oh yeah and you might not want to mention to the Starbase Commander that we are around. Just trust me on that one.” Dennison said to the Commodore.

“He has a point, Commodore. “ Alexandria waited for them to be dismissed.

Jack looked at the two “Very well I won’t let Admiral Bremer know you two are here.” He then handed them another padd “By the way, Star Fleet command is wondering about some movements with the Typhon Pact, they want you two to look into it.”

"Send us the intel you have, and we will take a look," Alexandria replied.
Jack slid the padd across his desk pointing to it “There’s all the intel could find. Some in command think that some Romulans are growing tired of the Pact.”

“It’s possible, but they are not as much of a threat these days,” Dennison said looking over Alexandria’s shoulder at the intel.

“They grumble and groan, but let’s face it, they no longer have the support that the homeworld afforded them.” Alexandria looked over the intel. “I have some contacts in what remains of their forces. We will see what we can do. “

Jack nodded “Very well let me know what you two can find out.”

“We will be in touch. Enjoy your pizza. It’s on us.” Alexandria said as they turned to leave the office “Come along Major. We have another delivery to make.”

Dennison looked at the Commodore “If you want different toppings for next time Just let us know.”

The two of them were transported directly out of the ready room back to the intelligence area.


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