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reporting in

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 9:31am by Lieutenant JG Harry Stevens & Lieutenant Trriston Solarr

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Security Office


After leaving the Captain, Harry headed down to the Security office to report to the deputy chief of Security before he headed down to Medical to get his physical done, but first, he had to talk with his superiors for the first time and get to know them as he hoped that he would be an asset to the department. as he stopped outside the Security office and pressed the button waiting to be called into the office.

Trriston woke up and checked his schedule for the day while he ate breakfast. He noted that there was a new member of the security team and wondered who the new member would report to first, himself or Commander Pike. He finished eating and checked on the emergency pod for Kodo and Podo to make sure it was in proper working order. Finding it working perfectly he programmed the feeding station for his ferrets and headed for his office.

As he approached the office, he saw someone standing at the door, apparently waiting to be admitted. "Grreetings, whom arre you waiting forr - Lieutenant?" Trriston asked, adding the rank when the man turned around and Trriston saw the pips on his collar.

"Sir," replied Harry standing in front of the Security office door he continued "I'm Lieutenant JG Harry Stevens, one of the new Security officers assigned to the Hampshire," as he stood with his hands behind his back, he finished "I am just reporting in Sir" as he waited for the officer to respond.

"Verry well," Trriston said and made his way to the door. "Follow me, Lieutenant."

Harry followed the officer in front of him and came to a standstill in front of the desk and waited for the officer to speak, as he knew that this was his first task regarding his job.

Trriston lead the new officer to his office and he sat at his desk. "You may sit orr stand, whicheverr is morre comforrtable forr you," Trriston said as he opened his computer interface. Once it was ready, he asked, "What is yourr name, Lieutenant?"

Harry replied "Lieutenant JG Harry Stevens," as he handed over his transfer orders, he continued, "reporting as ordered, Sir," as he stood waiting for the senior officer to respond.

Trriston took the PADD with the officer’s orders on it, acknowledged the transfer, and handed the PADD back to the officer. He then took a quick look at the orders to see if there were any special notes or assignments attached to the transfer. When he didn’t see any, he skimmed through the officer’s service record to see if there was anything else he should know about the officer before dismissing him for now. When he didn’t see anything unusual, he turned to Lieutenant Stevens. “Welcome to the team and to the New Hampshirre, Lieutenant,” Trriston said, emphasizing the “New” in the ship’s name to remind Lieutenant Stevens of the ship’s full name. I’ve never liked the way some Sar Fleet personnel shorten the names of ships, he thought as he stood to shake Stevens’ hand.

"Thank you, Sir," replied Harry as he shook the Chief's hand, said "I will try to do my best for you, Sir," as he knew that this was to be an easier time without the main responsibility of setting up the teams and the protocols, he said," Sir, May I ask a question?"

“Cerrtainly,” Trriston replied, curious about what the new officer wanted to ask.

"Sir, on Hawaii, I had a K9 rescue team, what I am wondering is could I continue it here?" asked Harry as he remembered the fondness of having Lady Sif with him and the comfort that he knew on away missions that called for it would help out.

Trriston thought for a moment before he made his decision. “I don’t see why not; such teams could be verry useful. Howeverr, that is something that you will have to clearr with Lieutenant Commanderr Pike. I make no prromises, but I think he will apprrove yourr rrequest.” Trriston thought for a moment to make sure there wasn’t anything else he needed to do before he dismissed Lieutenant Stevens. When he couldn’t think of anything he said “Dismissed.”

Harry was pleased that the chief had given his blessing to the revival of his K9 division, but now he had to clear it with Commander Pike, as he exited the office into the main Security Hub and found a terminal to log himself in as arrived, he also wanted information on his shift Roster and who his team leader was before he had his K9 Division.



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