Another wedding (Hopefully!)

Posted on Mon Dec 27th, 2021 @ 6:09pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Commodore Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Holodeck


Having already made the request for Pike to marry them, Marina had been to see him again with the request that he marry Kobalt and herself sooner than initially planned. They could still hold an official gathering with the crew, but for now she wanted to be Kobalt’s wife without waiting any longer. Having booked the holodeck she’d arranged for her parents to attend via subspace connection. It had taken some explaining, and a promise she and Kobalt would meet with them next time they were able.

Standing in her office bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror, she’d managed to replicate a proper wedding dress and luckily it fit a treat. Having chosen an ivory dress with red trim and sparkle on the bodice she had styled her hair and added a tiara. Not wanting to run through the ship dressed as she was she planned to transport straight to the holodeck entrance. She couldn’t wait to see Kobalt!

Kobalt was a nervous wreck for some reason as his future seemed erratic. He had damaged one of his antenna the night before and now found himself drunkish as he attempted to navigate Today was the day and he had no time to go to sickbay.

Jack was standing in the holodeck that the two had requested, he was wearing his dress uniform, he looked around on the setup that they had programmed while waiting for the two.

Kobalt staggered down trying hard not to show his dizziness but it did look as if he had been drinking.

" Hello sir." he waved to Jack .

Jack nodded "Hello Mr. Kobalt."

Arriving at the holodeck via site to site transport Marina took a deep breath and walked through the doors, seeing both Pike and Kobalt there waiting for her. She smiled as she arrived at Kobalt’s side. “I hope I haven’t kept you both waiting too long!”

" Not too long " Kobalt lied . His room spinning as the antenna controlled everything in an Andorians world.

Marina looked at Kobalt sensing something was off about him. “What’s wrong?” She focussed her mind on their connection feeling his sense of unbalance. “Ohh Wow...” She steadied herself. “What happened?”

Jack stood there watching the two "Are you okay Mr. Kobalt?"

" Sir I had a gravity mishap in my quarters. It caused me to lose my footing and the next thing I know I bumped my head on the ceiling. Damaged my antenna. Now I am as drunk as a pink skin on Sauria. But not intoxicated." Kobalt replied . " I am ready for this though."

Jack looked at him "Are you sure? We can get you checked out in sickbay then have the wedding after?"

Marina looked at Kobalt, “Go... sort it out, I’ll wait.”

" No...I aim to do this Marina. In the sickness and the health. Will you be my beloved wife?" Kobalt replied.

Jack looked at him "Are you sure Mr. Kobalt?"

Two Jacks looked at him and swayed.

" Sir yes please....." and then Kobalt collapsed.

Marina rushed to her fiancé’s side hitting his comm badge. “Vaal to transporter room, medical emergency one to beam directly to Sickbay!” She watched as Kobalt vanished before looking at Pike. “I guess the wedding is on hold for now Sir.” She sighed before heading for the holodeck door. She needed to change before going to check on Kobalt.

Jack had rushed over towards Kobalt, he looked over towards Marina giving her a nod, he stood up hitting his bade "Pike to Romaine, Doctor you have Mr. Kobalt coming towards you via emergency transport, he just collapsed in the holo deck."

Dr. Romaine responded, "Got him."

< Sickbay >

Kobalt awoke and couldn't believe he had fainted. Damage to the antennae often caused syncope but it was very awkward for Andorians.

Dr. Romaine immediately ran her medical tricorder over his head around his antennae. She continued to scan the rest of his head and then for other injuries from his fall that he took, "Mr Kobalt, besides loss of balance, how are you feeling? Are you experiencing any kind of pain?"

" No pain but I am having problems with balance."

Arriving in Sickbay Marina was in somewhat of a subdued mood as she approached Romaine. “Doctor, How is Kobalt?”

Dr. Romaine shrugged, "I'm going to give him something for the dizziness and then I'll order a series of electrical stimulation and brisk cranial massage which should help grow his antennae back in half the time. In a few days, his body should start compensating for the loss." She looked back at Kobalt, then lowered her voice, "I'd like to keep him here for 24 hours just for observation purposes."

" Marina ...please tell me we are married " Kobalt cried out.

The doors to sickbay opened and in stepped Jack, he said nothing just stood nearby watching.

Marina shook her head. “No we’re not married, you passed out before the ceremony could begin.”

" I promise I didn't do this purposely. Damn gravity." Kobalt replied .

Marina offered a brief smile. “I know you didn’t Kobalt, I guess the wedding will just have to wait.”

Kobalt pouted as he knew he had ruined everything.

" Sir please complete the vows here and now. ' Kobalt asked if not beggingly.

Jack looked at Tara and Marina then stepped forward "Actually Mr. Kobalt, I think it's best we wait till you are better."

Marina looked at Kobalt she was more than willing to get married there and then, but it looked like it wasn’t meant to be.

Kobalt frowned and the turned opposite of them. The embarrassed side of him was more than he could bare.

Jack turned "What do you think Doctor?"

Marina looked at Romaine hoping she’d give her permission for the ceremony to continue here and now. Mutara was already privy to Marina’s hope that she was pregnant, such news would be even more wonderful if it came after their marriage.

Tara looked over at Kobalt, then to Marina and Jack, "There isn't anything seriously wrong with him. His antennae helps keep his balance and as I said before, his body should compensate. I don't see why you all can't continue with the wedding. That is, if you don't mind doing it here. You can always have a reception once he's feeling better."

Kobalt turned to Marina. "If you love me marry me."

Marina smiled the biggest smile yet. “I will, right here and right now! No more delays.” She looked to Pike. “Let’s do this Sir.”

Kobalt sat up on the side of the bed still dawning his dress uniform.

" I feel better already let's do this."

“Ohh... give me five minutes?” Marina quickly dashed out of the door to go get her dress back again. Dashing off to her quarters she returned with the dress and headed into a spare office to change. When she reappeared she was dressed in her wedding dress ready to get married again.

After Marina came back, Jack stepped forward ""Since the days of the first wooden vessels, all ship's masters have had one happy privilege. That of uniting two people in the bonds of matrimony. And so we are gathered here today with you, Marina Vaal, and you, Kobalt Th'arharak, in the sight of the medical staff, in accordance with our laws and our many beliefs so that you may pledge your...lives together, but before I declare them husband and wife, I am sure the two of you have stuff that you would like to say to each other."

Kobalt started : " Marina Vaal since the moment our two souls touched I knew you would always be a part of my life. Thru sickness and what ever the universe throws at us we've got this . Please marry me and complete my life." Kobalt said aloud.

Marina smiled the biggest smile yet as she looked at Kobalt. “Kobalt ever since you became a part of my soul I’ve never wanted to be with anyone else. I love you with my heart and soul, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Jack looked at the two of them "By the power invested in being by the Untied Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Th'arharak."

Marina grinned from ear to ear as she leaned forward to kiss her husband. They were finally married!!

Kobalt felt his whole world spinning but didn't care as this day had finally come.

" We did it Pinkey we finally took over the world." he said referencing his favorite Terran comic book characters.

Marina grinned. “Pinky and the Brain! You like it too!? We are so matched.”

Jack smiled then looked at the two of them "We probably should let you two be for awhile." He turned his head "Shall we go Mrs. Pike?"

Kobalt pulled Marina closer. "You have made my life complete. Thank you my beloved."

“No, thank you Imzadi” Marina smiled. “So will you be able to return to our quarters with me tonight? We have a honeymoon to plan.”

" I am no longer dizzy...lets go."

“Oh no you don’t! You haven’t had permission to leave Sickbay” Marina looked worriedly at her husband.

" Yea but..but ...the moon that is full of the honey. Trust me the moon is full of the Honey," Kobalt replied.

“The moon is full of honey?” Marina looked at Kobalt curiously. “I’m sorry I’m not familiar with what that means.”
" The moon with honey...the honey moon I mean." Kobalt corrected himself.

Marina smiled. “Well if you’re sure you’re up to it?” She held out her hand. “Let’s go and enjoy our honeymoon!”

Jack looked at them "Sorry you two, but like the doctor said, she wants to keep Mr. Kobalt here for 24 hours for observation."

Marina nodded as she looked at her husband apologetically. “I guess we can’t argue with the doctor.”

Tara thought for a moment, "I do but I could make an exception." She paused for a moment, "As long as you aren't walking around the ship." Tara walked away from them for a moment to enter something into the computer.

" It will take a while to regenerate a new antenna but that will be ok as I'll be in bed anyways." Kobalt joked

Marina couldn’t help but blush with embarrassment, but she was certainly looking forward to her first night together with her new husband.