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Posted on Mon Jun 28th, 2021 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Counsellor’s Office
Timeline: Concurrent


Kobalt left the meeting on cloud nine as he headed to find his fiancee Marina Vaal. Passing a chrome piece of trimming he adjusted his uniform and tapped the new pin on his neck signifying Lieutenant Commander.

Marina was in her office, having just finished a Counselling review she now had some spare time before her next appointment. Walking out of the door she was surprised to see Kobalt walking into the waiting area. “Hey, What brings you...” She stopped as she noticed his new pip. “Commander? You made Lieutenant Commander!!” She practically jumper at him giving him a big hug. “Congratulations! That’s wonderful.”

" I passed the no win scenario I guess. Second officer and Lt Commander to boot. Go for three let's celebrate tonight." Kobalt cheered.

“You bet we’ll celebrate!” Marina was thrilled for her love. “Hopefully we’ll have baby news to celebrate in a week or so.” She motioned him inside her office where it was more private. “Kobalt I want to get married, no more waiting around. I want to be able to call myself your wife.”

The excitement overflowed as he heard her words.

" By all means..." Kobalt replied as he kissed her smack on the mouth before resuming a professional distance.

" We must maintain etiquette. I heard of two Star Fleet officers who had sex in an office. Both spent 6 months doing mundane task. Their CO was a bit of an ass." Kobalt added.

Marina nodded but lowered her voice. “Now that all depends on whether or not you get caught.” She grinned a wry grin.

Kobalts antennas inclined ," Oh yeah ?" he then leaned in and kissed her lips.

“Yeah” Marina slid her arms around his neck and kissed him back, this time a whole lot more passionately. She pulled away long enough to speak. “Computer, lock door.”

The lock door part was all that Kobalt needed to cinch the deal as he found a sweet spot on the side of the sofa.

Marina grinned as she looked into Kobalt’s eyes, “Be careful what you wish for...” her fingers moved to his uniform jacket as she started unzipping it.” “You may just get it!”

" I need to do some level one diagnostics on your reproduction systems Counselor ."

“Ohh... then please do continue Commander!” Marina smiled then gave Kobalt a passionate kiss.

The level of diagnostic performed was very pleasurable for both and sufficient to carry both over until the evening.
As Kobalt held his Marina tightly not even a photon torpedo could knock him off of his natural high.

" Well any cravings?" Kobalt joked.

“I wish I could say I had” Marina smiled as she finished dressing, “its driving me crazy not knowing! The doctor said to come back in a week, if I can wait that long!”

" We will have to just keep trying. In the mean time dinner , dancing and more shenanigans, I love that human word... shenanigans." Kobalt replied.

“Oh? Well I love it too!” Marina grinned as she walked over to Kobalt and kissed him. “I love enjoying shenanigans with you.”

Kobalt winked and then unlocked the door in order to perform his new duties. With the hopes of an even better night.

Watching Kobalt go Marina smiled to herself, she was a very lucky woman.


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