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Morning has broken

Posted on Thu May 13th, 2021 @ 12:41pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Kobalt & Marina’s quarters
Timeline: Morning after the wedding reception


Marina stirred as the wake up alarm went off, to say she and Kobalt had a long night was an understatement! She yawned before rolling over and cuddling up with her Andorian husband-to-be. “Good morning” She smiled as she gently draped her arm over his chest resting her head on his shoulder.

Despite their wonderful night Kobalt stayed awake as he contemplated his future endeavors. On the one hand a life with Marina and the other his future career goals. But then all Star Fleet officers had this issue..

" Hello there fancy meeting you here." Kobalt joked.

Marina couldn’t help but grin. “Did you sleep well? I know I did especially after our night time exercise last night!” She grinned and kissed him on the cheek.

" I had sufficient rest. Did you want another round before breakfast?" Kobalt replied as he stroked her hair.

“Seriously?” Marina smiled a wry smile as she ran her fingers over Kobalt’s antennae. “I’d never refuse you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently, yet lovingly kissed him.

" In how many lives have you achieved your goals?" Kobalt asked.

“This is the only life I’ve lived, that I know of!” Marina grinned. “My only goal is to give you the child you’ve wanted for so long. To give you a happy family life.”

" This will happen soon. I have applied to be 2nd officer of this ship. I meet with the Commodore tomorrow." Kobalt told her.

“Second Officer!” Marina smiled the biggest smile yet. “That’s wonderful Kobalt! I hope you’re accepted.” She gave him a cuddle.

" I applied. I have to wait and see if I am accepted."

“Well I have faith” Marina smiled warmly. “You deserve the promotion Kobalt, I hope they accept you.”

Kobalt did too but hoped his own skills would be the Commodores decision maker.

" What about you? How is your career going?" Kobalt asked.

“Me?” Marina looked surprised at the question. “I’m Chief Counsellor, what more could I want? My experience has paid off, and I’ve made the position I always wanted.”

" Have you had any interesting cases lately? No names just cases? I love pink skin gossip " joked Kobalt.

“I can’t go into details I’m afraid, patient confidentiality.” Marina gave him an apologetic look. “If you like gossip so much the best place to hear that is in the lounge. We should go have a drink there sometime so you can indulge in some gossip.”

" Oh yes let's do that...not. Come back and let me spank you for that." Kobalt replied

“Ohhh promises, promises!!” Marina grinned. “You’ll have to catch me first!”

A chase began until both were winded and coughing.

' Must...have...water." joked Kobalt pretending to be breathless.

" You are going to wear me out before my meeting tomorrow."

“I thought you enjoyed me wearing you out?” Marina grinned a wry grin as she flopped down onto the bed.

Kobalt pounced like a cat stop of her. " I do. By the way are your antennas tingling yet?"

“I don’t have antennae remember?” Marina grinned as she played gently with his. “Are yours?”

" Are you feeling pregnant yet???" Kobalt teased.

“I won’t know that for at least a couple of weeks maybe longer!” Marina sighed she wished she could know sooner. “I wish we could timewarp forward and find out.”

" Transwarp huh. On Andor we use a simple solution the patient urinates on. " Kobalt joked.

“I guess it gave results more or less straight away?” She looked up into Kobalt’s eyes. “Maybe we should just ... do it one more time, just to be sure?”

" I hope you respect me later." Kobalt smiled.

“ I always respect you” Marina grinned as she pulled him down for a passionate kiss.

The climax of it all was a victory dance Kobalt did over her having completed a job well done.



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