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Family planning

Posted on Wed Apr 28th, 2021 @ 9:51am by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Quarters


Marina lay entwined with bedcovers and Kobalt, she was amazed just how much stamina her Andorian lover had. She playfully moved to straddle his lap, looking down into his eyes. “You amaze me you know that?” She gently ran her fingers over his sensitive antennae knowing how much he enjoyed her doing it. “You never fail to impress me, you make me feel so special without even trying!”

" I leave you wanting more. Now give me some more," he leaned to kiss her neck.

“Kobalt” She took on an air of seriousness. “I know we’re not married yet, but I want to know if it’s possible for me to give you a child? I know how much you’d like to have a child of your own, I also know what lengths Andorians have to go to in order to procreate.” She paused. “I’d like your permission to talk to the doctor, to see if it’s even remotely possible.”

" It is possible but on Andor we use a surrogate generally. Three to tango? Although...I would be interested in trying something new. If you want this...we can do this now. I am fully recovered." Kobalt added.

Marina looked at Kobalt in surprise, “You want to try and see if we can have a child? Or are you just ready for another round?” She grinned as she traced her finger across his antennae.

" I want to make you happy Marina. Lay back down and we will see what happens." Kobalt flirted .

Marina didn’t need asking twice, she lay back enticing Kobalt as she did so.

The mode of passion Kobalt applied was not consistent with typical Andorian mating. Bypassing the surrogate would prove interesting, intriguing his scientifically arranged mind as well.

Marina hadn’t felt this passion from Kobalt before, it was as though he’d been holding back on her before, even though she knew he hadn’t.

At the climactic end Kobalt exhaled kissed Marinas forehead and collapsed.

" It is done,"

Marina rolled onto her side and looked at Kobalt in astonishment. “By it, are you saying that you just ... that I’m ...” She wasn’t sure exactly how to word her question. “What I mean is ... how do you know?”

" Nature's law we will have to see if it is compatible with your dna. There are variables to over come," he snickered.

Marina smiled, and nodded. “That’s true.” She cuddled up with her head resting on Kobalt’s shoulder. “In the morning I’m starting wedding planning in earnest, if this does work for us then I don’t want to be bulging at the seams in my wedding dress!” She grinned. “I just want to make you happy Kobalt.”

" You need to be happy for you too. This is real but it would be just as real married or not. Andorians mate for life." Kobalt replies.

“Then I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you” Marina’s fingers gently trailed across Kobalt’s skin. “I’m glad I made contact with you like I did in Sickbay, it doesn’t usually happen so easily when I touch someone. I guess fate intervened for us.” She paused. “Kobalt you do realise that if anything happened to me, my lifetime of experience, and love for you would live on in another host. I’m currently the third host for the Vaal symbiont.”

" I am aware of these risks and accept that...I will not kiss you if you have a beard though." Kobalt chuckled. " I am in love with Marina Vaal not Marvin Vaal."

“That’s the thing” Marina sighed. “If anything happened to me, the new Vaal host would be forbidden from having any romantic contact with you. Friendships are allowed but anything else is strictly forbidden.”

" I have a Trill friend Marina. We are still pals and even though she is hot now it is still Got my old professor. Don't over think this. Now let's catch some sleep I have a busy day tomorrow." Kobalt said as he rolled over.

“I’m sorry” Marina lay feeling she’d made somewhat of a fool of herself.

Kobalt reached over and began kissing her neck.

" I don't think I'm finished."

Marina grinned. “You are insatiable! Not that I’m complaining.”

" When your antennae get sensitive you will know you are with child," Kobalt joked.

“In that case I wish I had antennae!” Marina grinned. “I guess only time will tell.”



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