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Posted on Thu Jun 17th, 2021 @ 3:28pm by Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Mari Ogawa & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

Jack was in his ready room going over a few things, he paused for a moment then tapped the com "Pike to Ogawa, please report to my ready room."

Mari had been going over some crew reports and was in deep thought when Pike's voice came over the comms. Startled, she jumped a little then laughed at herself, "Commander Ogawa here. On my way." She stepped onto the bridge off the lift, made her way to the Ready Room, rang the chime and waited.

Jack grabbed his cup of Hawaiian blend coffee when he heard the chime "Enter" he called out then sat down behind his desk.

Mari walked in and eyed his cup of coffee, "Kon'nichiwa." Before sitting, she replicated herself some green tea and sat down. She took a sip of her tea and under her breath, she said to herself, "Totemo yoi." Mari smiled, "Sorry but I haven't had anything to drink for hours. So, what did you want to see me about?"

Jack chuckled "Ima kibun ga yoku naru?" He handed her two pads, "Commander Rann and Major Strek have both transferred off of the New Hampshire. Also Mr. Kobalt has put in a request to fill the now vacant Second Officer position."

"Yes, you have." She smiled as she processed what he had said, "Kobalt, Kobalt. That's our Chief Science officer, right?" She thought about him for a moment, "He's pretty young, isn't he?" She was still trying to learn some of the names of the senior staff.

Jack nodded "Yes Mr. Kobalt is our Chief Science officer, he's 25 years old."

Mari toook a sip of her tea, "I guess if he's been entrusted with a chief position, I guess he'd be okay as a second officer. I haven't seen anything negative about any of the senior staff."

Jack tapped the comm "Pike to Th'arharak, please report to my ready room."

Kobalt was headed to his station and then diverted to the ready room instead.

" SIR , Commander you wished to see me?" Kobalt greeted.

Jack nodded then pointed to the empty chair "Have a seat Mr. Kobalt, care for anything to drink?"

Being on duty Kobalt dared not accept anything beyond water and even that was going to be a no.

" No thank you sir. How may I be of service? I presume this is work related?" Kobalt replied

Jack picked up the padd looking it over for a couple seconds "It says here that you have put in for the Second Officer position, is this true Mr. Kobalt?"

" Yes sir I did. Based on the current senior staff I think my skills place me at the top of the roster so I applied. On my off hours I have been taking command fitness courses and feel prepared to further myself to you sir. My goals are evolving and I could see myself one day hold a line officers role." Kobalt declared as he answered Jack's question.

"So what made you decide that you want to try for the Second Officer position?" Jack asked.

" Sir I applied for Second officer because we already have a remarkable First Officer . You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with." Kobalt replied. " Second officer is responsible for third watch ."

Jack looked towards his First officer "Is there anything that you would like to add Commander?"

Mari turned to Kobalt as she crossed her arms, "Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment. Second, you are a lot younger than most of our Senior officers. Why should we go with someone younger, who hasn't as much experience as some of the other senior officers?"

" I would not presume to debate other officers skills. Age and wisdom do not always go hand in hand. I would gladly accept any command challenge to prove myself Commander. I applied because I am ready for more responsibility." Kobalt replied.

"Good. You may just get that chance to do so." Mari could see that he was eager for the chance.

Jack sat there listening to the two of them "Are you truly ready for more responsibility Mr. Kobalt?"

" I do believe so sir. Serving on this ship, the New Hampshire has been my goal since the academy. Becoming you Chief of Science is also my goal. For now the two roles are compatible." Kobalt replied.

"That is good to know, so how about we give you a Kobayashi Maru style test to see how you do, what do you think Commander?"

" I welcome any challenge sir." Kobalt replied with his antenna pointed back in attack stance.

"That's good to know Lieutenant, because there will be plenty of them, especially as you go up in rank." Jack spoke.

" I don't mean to complicate but compliment the diversity on this ship. When will this test start ?" Kobalt replied.

Jack let out a chuckle "Are you that much in a hurry for this test?"

" I suppose I am being forward sir. Sorry about that. With your permission I will assume my station. I am sure it will come when I least expect it." Kobalt replied.

"Actually Mr. Kobalt, we are going for that test right now." Jack stood up as he spoke.

Kobalt went to an attention stance, his antenna back and eyes fixed on Jack.

" I am ready Commodore."

Jack nodded "Would you like to join us Commander?"

Mari stood up, "Very much so."

Jack headed for the door then after the doors parted opened he stepped onto the bridge then headed for the nearest lift, waiting for the other two.

Kobalt followed and allowed the Commander to bring up the rear.

"Commander I appreciate your support in this." Kobalt said as he stood between her and lift doors.

Mari smiled, "Thank you. " She stepped onto the lift, "Now, make us proud."

The lift doors closed then after a minute the doors re opened and Jack stepped out heading for holodeck 2, he stopped at the panel punching in some commands "Are you ready Mr. Kobalt?"

" Sir I wake up ready," Kobalt replied as his antennas went forward..

"We shall see about that." Jack spoke as the doors open, he turned to look at the officer "In this test you'll be in command of the U.S.S Aether a Akira-class ship. Your mission is to try to rescue the U.S.S. Kobayashi Maru, a medical ship who are under attack from 2 Galor-class ships and 1 Jem'Hadar ship."

Kobalt felt his over confidence fill his cold veins as the three ships mentioned were a tactical disaster. Clearly the Commodore had stepped up his game. As if two Galore class ships were not enough now he faced a Jem'Hadar ship to boot.

Walking to the Captain's chair he stood beside it first then slowly sat down.

" Helm ahead full. Let's see what's out there?" Kobalt commanded first. Helm replied, " Leaving sector 21502 for Sector 21503."

Communications interrupted a few seconds later with a dispatch.
" Sir we are receiving an s.o.s. from a vessel inside Cardassian space. SS Kobayashi Maru."

" On speakers." Kobalt replied.

[ This is the ...Maru. We have stuck a gravitic mine and are listing...Can you assist us....?"

" Scan for vessel? " Kobalt commanded.
" Detected sir. Vessel is in sector 21503 near a Jem'Hadar sector of the Cardassian Union."

" Our treaty with the Dominion is still in play. Take us to just inside the Cardassian border and we will reassess." Kobalt added to his orders.

Jack stood there outside of the holodeck watching all that would go on.

The Aether reached full stop when reaching the allotted distance.

" Sir we have the Maru on long range scanner. What are your orders?' asked Helm.

" Communications hail the Cardassian and inform them we are entering their space to rescue the Maru. Yellow alert , Helm full speed to the Maru's position."

" Sir a single Jem'Hadar vessel has entered the system and is on an exact bearing to the Maru. " said tactical.

" Damn. Helm increase speed and transporter Room be ready to lock onto the survivors. It'll be touch and go,'

[ Aye sir ] replied the Caitian voice at the transporter.

" Sir we are at transporter range. Jem'Hadar ship has increased it's speed," helm reported.

" Hail the Jem'Hadar. Transporter Room do you have the survivors?"
[ Yeaaa sir.]

" Sir they have armed their disruptors and are fi....."
The room exploded as crew and stations reacted. Kobalt knew it was a simulation but the effects were awesomely real.

":Red Alert!" he yelled.

Engineering popped in [ The shields are out and the mains are down. ]

" Sensors are showing two more vessels entering the sector sir. Galor class."

" Hail the Cardassians we have a treaty with them," Kobalt responded.

" Just like the one with the Jem'Hadar sir," an officer said in the back.

Kobalt ignored.

" Can we manuver?" asked Kobalt

" To where sir? "

" Any response from the Cardassians?" Kobalt added.

" They have altered course sir and heading back . No response."

" Ship to ship. Let me see the bastard.'

Visuals were etchy but the horned devil appeared.

" You will surrender that crew and yours." the Jem'Hadar ordered.

" Your act of aggressiveness violates the treaty of Bajor. This will not bode well with your Dominion."

The Cardassian ships moved into attack formation, one starting firing on the medical ship while the other one joined the Jem'Hadar ship and started firing at the Aether.

" Emergency Power....all hand to life boats.. Bridge crew get me shields and weapons. Target the Jem'Hadar first .. . " yelled Kobalt

Aether had enough power to blast the vessel pretty good and despite their slow manuvering shot past and targeted the closest Galor ship.

" Time for talking is over. This is clearly an act of war.." Target their port side and stay away from that rear torpedo." Kobalt yelled

As the battle kept going, a Jem'Hadar battlecruiser dropped out of warp and started to power up it's weapons.

" Another Jem'Hadar ship has joined sir" helm reported
Kobalt paused as he had saved the crew but the Maru was still hulking out there. A trajected torpedo onto it would damage the oncoming ship if their timing was just right. Leaving his seat he joined the helm and prepared the torpedo.

" When the click hits 30 fire and then put us behind the Cardassian ship." Kobalt told helm

31...30 as helm fired the Maru exploded allowing the Aether time to jump behind the Galor to with stand the explosion.

" Engine room is there any warp down there?" Kobalt called.

[ Mains off line sir.]

* Figured given this was a simulation. I might as well cheat too.

Ship to ship

" I have the white you want. We beamed it over from the Maru. Spare my crew and I'll beam over with it. If not I'll blow my ship up and you with it." Kobalt yelled.

His no win solution would be his death and no doubt chance to be second officer. Kobalt waited for his reply as he walked over and entered his command code to self destruct the Aether

" Computer recognize Kobalt, acting Captain Order Destruct Code 000 Destruct .'

[ Confirmed . Awaiting Code for count down.]

Kobalt looked to the Jem'Hadar counter part on the screen as he prepared to give the final code.

Jack punched in the code ending the program then stepped into the holodeck "Well..Mr. Kobalt, how do you think that you did?"

Kobalts antenna explained his answer as they went backwards before he replied.

" I was doing great but given the perimeters of this scenario I realized all that I knew I needed to dismiss and put myself in the scene instead . I had trouble dismissing this was a test. The Jem'Hadar are the perfect no win scenario because you can not negotiate with addicts." Kobalt replied.

Jack nodded "That can sometimes happen when you are in the face of danger when you are in command." He turned slightly "What do you think Commander?"

Mari thought for a moment, "In this instance, you have to ask yourself if it was worth the life of your crew?"

Jack turned "So...what do you have to say to that Mr. Kobalt?"

" The crew are in danger everytime we go to warp, enter an orbit, or a dry dock. I suppose you just have to accept your decision and try to make the most informed decisions " Kobalt replied .

Jack nodded "And everyone knows what type of risks that they can run into by joining Star Fleet and putting the uniform on."

" That's what they pound into us at Star Fleet. Sir based on my performance have you made a decision? Have I earned the Second officer position?" Kobalt replied.

Mari looked over at Jack with an expression of approval. She waited for his reply.

Jack looked at both officers in front of him then pulled out a box holding it out "Congrualations Lt.Commander."

Kobalt was stunted for words. He had vied for the second officer slot but had no realized a rank promotion was coming with it

" Sir and Commander to say I am honored would not do this moment justice. Thank you for your confidence I will not let you down." he replied

Jack nodded handing him a pad "I am sure that you won't Mr. Kobalt, here are your new security clearances." He looked at the both of them "Now if you'll excuse me I have reports to file."


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