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The reception

Posted on Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 @ 8:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Mari Ogawa & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Lieutenant Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak & Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

The room had been decorated for the wedding reception of Commodore Jack Pike and Lt. Commander Mutara Romaine, the servers were now setting up the buffet and making sure everything was ready.

Kobalt walked hand in hand in with Marina Vaal.

" Did I mention I am a foodie? I love human food?" Kobalt told Marina.

“Really?” Marina looked at Kobalt curiously. “What’s your favourite human food?”

Nathaniel entered the area, seeing the two he walked over hearing their conversation "Have you ever tried Vulcan or Klingon food Lieutenant?"

Marina looked at Kobalt curiously waiting to see what his answer would be.

" Vulcan food is bland. Klingon food however will knock you on your... posterior,"
Kobalt replied.

Nathaniel chuckled "Yeah Vulcan food is not for the taste buds or such."

" Have you been to Vulcan?" Kobalt asked Nathaniel.

Nathaniel nodded "That I have a few times, I actually have a cousin who is half Vulcan. So have you been to Vulcan Lieutenant?'

" Yes... it was brief. For a wedding as well actually. A stoic secretive people. They were once Andor’s arch enemy." Kobalt replied.

Nathaniel nodded "Yes that they was many years ago." He turned looking towards Marina "So Lieutenant, have you ever been to Vulcan?"

"Once or twice in the course of my duties" She smiled. "it's way too hot for me! As for food I'm so so on the taste."

" Let us hope the reception food here is more palative." Kobalt added.

Nathaniel chuckled then pointed towards the food tables "As you can see, there is quite a big selection of food, Earth,
Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran, think even some Andorian ones too."

“Well I’m going to go for ... dishes from Earth I think.” Marina smiled as she looked over towards the tables.

Nathaniel chuckled "What's the matter Marina, not wanting to try Klingon food?"

“Erm ... no, thank you!” Marina grinned. “I’m not into eating live food.”

" When on Qo'nos do as the Klingons do." Kobalt chuckled.

“If I was on Qo’nos then perhaps!” Marina smiled. “As I’m not I’m sticking with what I like.”

"It's ok, Klingon food isn't for everyone." Nathaniel spoke then started looking around for others.

" I understand the most dangerous food in the galaxy is wedding cake." Kobalt added.

“Oh really?” Marina looked at Kobalt curiously. “Why would that be?”

Trriston entered the room just in time to hear Nathaniel list the types of food that were available. He was familiar with most of them and went over to see exactly what the choices were. He decided to have a little Gagh, a Pipius claw, some Hasperat, a little Pok Tar, some Gristhera, a finger sandwich, and some punch. He took his plate and drink to a corner where he could see and hear the whole room, always wanting to be ready for trouble in the unlikely event that any turned up. As he slowly nibbled his way through his food he watched and listened to the people around him, not knowing which group he should join since he didn’t really know anyone here, yet.

Over the intercom came "May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pike, the doors the area then open as the couple enter.

Jack stepped through the doorway holding the hand of his wife. He turned to look at her and smiled "You look so beautiful."

Tara smiled, "Thank you. You look very handsome yourself." She was so happy right now. She looked around at the smiling faces. Some of which were already enjoying the many different food choices.

Marina turned to look at the happy couple as they entered the room, the bride looked so beautiful, she was really starting to look forward to being married to Kobalt.

"Welcome and thank you" Jack then stepped forward and heading for their table leading his wife there, once there he stopped pulling out the chair for her.

Tara smiled as she sat down. Soon as they settled in their seats, the food was brought to them so they wouldn't have to do anything on their special day but enjoy it and the company. She wasn't picky and enjoyed a lot of the different foods from the various cultures.

Jack sat there looking around watching all of the people eating and drinking, he himself had a glass of Orion whiskey in front of him.

The party went on for many hours, afterwards everyone returned to their quarters.


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