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Time together

Posted on Wed Apr 28th, 2021 @ 9:49am by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Evening of the Wedding


Walking into their quarters Marina turned to look at Kobalt “Did you enjoy the wedding? ... I thought I saw you crying at the wedding ceremony.” She looked at him curiously. “It was pretty emotional wasn’t it?”

" Allergies I assure you. Besides I was looking at you most of the time." Kobalt replied,

Marina blushed. “That’s very sweet, I couldn’t help but think about our wedding day. I’m really looking forward to it.”

" As am I. The best part is what I am about to do to you now." Kobalt said as he intently grabbed her butt.

Marina grinned. “Ohh really? I have to say I very much agree” she paused to turn and slip her arms around him as she gave him a romantic kiss.

" What are your future plans professionally?" Kobalt slipped in.

"Professionally ... I want to carry on my counselling career, maybe work my work up to Commander one day but I'm not worried about commanding my own ship. I'm a Counsellor it's what I do." Marina looked at Kobalt curiously. "What about you?"

" For now my work here is great. The New Hampshire is my home. Before we are one I needed to know your goals." Kobalt answered.

“Right now my work is here, my future ...” She paused and offered a sincere smile. “Is to be wherever you are, even if it means a change of career or giving up my career to do it.”

" There is much to do in your field. This ship is full of insane, emotional, hornonal humans " Kobalt joked. " Speaking of which Ensign Zeal may be by to see you."

Marina grinned. “I’ll be sure to keep an eye for out him then!” She looked at Kobalt curiously. “What do you see in our future? I’d love to somehow be able to provide you with a child, but I don’t know if that is even possible.”

" Until you asked me I never thought about it. I thought I would return home and find an Andorian mate. Now,my future is full of possibilities." Kobalt replied.

Marina smiled warmly. “That’s all I wanted, I like to see you happy.” She reached her hand gently up to his antennae and ran her fingers along. Knowing how sensitive they were she took extra care as she didn’t want to hurt him. “I never imagined I’d find love with an Andorian yet here we are.”

" Let's retire this night and turn in...." Kobalt flirted, his antennai vibrating.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that!” Marina smiled a wry smile as she gently took Kobalt’s hand and lead him to the bedroom.

~ Fade to Black ~

Time had a way of containing itself in matters of the heart. A kiss , making love, or even a fight are forever sealed inside our temporal minds.

" I hope this moment never ends Marina. I could die in this moment."

“I certainly hope not!” Marina grinned before taking on a more serious tone. “I know what you mean, ever since I touched you in Sickbay I’ve been drawn to you in a way that ...” she shook her head. “I can’t put it into words. All I know is that without you my life just wouldn’t be the same!” She looked into his eyes. “I want to marry you, sooner rather than later, to be with you forever.”

" I may request leave and take you home to Andor. Would you want to g0o?" Kobalt asked.

Marina nodded. “I would love to Kobalt, I have some leave time owed so I can request that as well.”

" I will look into this let's raid the replicator and do this again," Kobalt added as hunger filled his stomach.

Marina grinned. “That sounds good to me! I am getting hungry for food and for you.” She kissed him on the cheek before sliding out of bed and grabbing one of his shirts that was hanging over a nearby chair and putting it on. She buttoned it up just a little before turning to look at him. “I think it suits me!”

" For sure. " grinned Kobalt.

“Good, then I’ll have to wear your shirts more often won’t I?” Marina grinned.

" That's how it starts. They take you clothes and then they take your soul," Kobalt said looking upward as if speaking to a deity.

“I thought I already had your soul?” Marina smiled as she walked past him into the living area.

Kobalt followed just as quickly.



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