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Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 @ 8:50pm by Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Mari Ogawa & Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine & Lieutenant Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak & Lieutenant Marina Kelea & Lieutenant James Two Bears

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station


A shipwide message was sent to everyone, "You are all invited to the wedding of Commodore Pike and Lieutenant Commander Romaine. The wedding will commence on this day at 1500 hours in the ship's chapel.

Jack was standing there in the room that was set aside for the groom's side to get ready for the wedding, he was looking in the mirror checking over his dress uniform, he was pretty nervous.

Lt James Two Bears also entered and addressed his CO.

"Hello sir. Is this where we are to stand?" he asked to make conversation.

Jack turned looking at the person who spoke "Thank you for showing up Mr. Two Bears, my cousins will be standing with me, you are welcome to go join the rest of the people."

The doors slid open and Nathaniel stepped into the room, he was already dressed in his dress uniform, he looked at his cousin "So you are finally getting hitched."

Jack turned shaking his head "Yeah I know, now looks like only Joe will be left." He gave his cousin a warrior like clasp of hands "So what's going on with you and Vanessa?"

Nathaniel shrugged "I honestly don't know what is going on, she headed for Earth and haven't really heard from her."

Jack placed his hand on his cousin's shoulder "Things will work out I am sure in the end somehow."

Trriston entered the chapel and looked around to see who was already there. He recognized the Commodore from the meeting where he got his promotion. He also recognized Lieutenant Commander Pike from his brief meeting earlier, when Trriston had gone to see him in his office. Not knowing anyone on board yet, he didn’t know which side he should sit on, the bride’s or the groom’s. He decided to ask his new commander, “Grreetings sirrs,” he said formally, hoping he wasn’t interrupting something. He looked at Nathaniel and asked, “Sirr, I was wondering which side I should sit on since I don’t know eitherr the brride orr the grroom.”

Jack then turned towards the person entering "Hello Mr.Solarr, please feel free to sit on whatever side that you would like."

“Thank you, sir,” Trriston replied gratefully. Since he had met the bride, but not the groom, he decided to sit on the bride’s side. He found a seat that was close enough to the door that he could get out quickly if he had to respond to an emergency, and close enough to where the wedding party would be during the ceremony that he could protect them if he had to. He settled into his seat and began to monitor the room while he waited for the ceremony to start.

Jack had finally finished getting ready when the door chime rang, he just shook his head and went to answer it, there standing was Jack's cousin Lee, both shook his hands "It's good to see you Lee."

Lee chuckled "Good to see you too, congratulations on the promotion and getting married."

Jack smiled "Thanks." He stepped aside to let him inside.

Before the door closed "So are we invited as well?" Jack turned his head to see Joe and Sartak walk towards him.

"Good to see you both." Jack waved them inside.

Pike's Quarters

Tara was also nervous. Her last marriage didn't go too well. But the past was the past. She was looking forward to it. Her sister, Tameara walked in, surprising Tara, "Oh my god! You actually made it!"

Tameara laughed, "Surprise! Yeah, I was able to get a short leave just for your wedding. Girlfriend, you certainly don't give a girl much warning."

"I know, I'm sorry. We needed to get this done before we get a mission assigned to us." She hugged her sister, "I am so glad you are here."

"Me too." Tara was already in her almost traditional wedding dress instead of the dress uniforms but it was ivory.

"You look beautiful but your hair is another matter. Sit down and let me fix it."

Tameara went to work on her hair. Beautiful lavender flowers arrived, one for her and one for her maid of honor.

After a time, she was finished and stepped back. Tara went to the mirror and looked, "Wow. I think you missed your calling. I love it!"

Tameara smiled, "Good." She walked over to her dress and proceeded to get dressed, "Oh, I talked to mom and they are all on their way. They'll be cutting it close since this was such short notice."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't sure who was going to be able to come since most of them are on assignment." Tara was grateful that they were making an effort to get there.

After Tameara was ready and Tara as well, the chime rang. Tameara smiled, Speaking of the devil." There was a small family gathering at her door. In walked her parents, Alex and Lita. Behind them was Capt. Kyle Romaine, Cpt. Drake Romaine, Cmdr. Leonard Romaine, Cmdr. Bryce Romaine, and Cmdr. Ian Romaine. Her brothers were all in their dress uniforms for this special occasion, "Oh my god! You all made it. How did you manage that?"

Kyle and Drake smiled. Then Drake answered, "You can thank Kyle here. He pulled a few strings and was able to get us here."

Kyle waved his hand, "Ah, now don't make it bigger than it is. A certain Admiral owed me a few favors and I cashed in."

Leo laughed, "I thought I had done something wrong when I was ordered to meet the New Hampshire." The other agreed. Ian laughed, "I was already on Kyle's ship so I had no choice."

Tara smiled, "All that matters is that you all made it. Now we best get going or I'll be late for my wedding."

As her brother started walking out of Pike's quarters, another person was coming down the corridors. Tara smiled again, "Alex? I wasn't sure that you were going to make it. Now everything is perfect."

Tara's brothers knew who she was as well. They had met each other at various times throughout her time in Starfleet. Kyle welcomed Alex, "Well as I live and breathe, Captain Harrison."

Alex smiled, "Ah, Captain Romaine." They laughed. Alex looked at the others for a second, "I think we can use first names here or we'll be saying Captain to each other all day."

Tara hugged Alex, "I don't think you've ever met my parents. This is my father Alex. And this is my mother Lita."

"Nice to meet you. I guess you should all call me Alexandra since we have another Alex here."

Tara's parents shook her hand, "Nice to meet you as well."

Alex turned her attention to Tara, "I just wanted to see you before you got hitched. Do you realize that we are not only going to be friends but we're going to be family?"

"That's true. And no, I didn't think about it. I guess I've had my mind on getting sickbay ready. It's been quite a task."

Bryce chimed in, "If it's okay with you, I'll take a look and see if there is anything I can help with."

Tara smiled at her brother, "I wouldn't want to infringe on your time off."

Bryce shrugged, "Nah. I have to wait for my ship to come get me anyway so it isn't a problem."

Tara nodded with a smile, "Thank you. That would be very helpful." Tara looked at everyone, "Okay all, get moving. We have a wedding." Alex left. Her brothers and Tameara hugged Tara in their usual group hug. Dad and Tameara stayed behind to walk his daughter, her sister down the aisle. "Thank you dad for being here. I love you."

He smiled, "I love you too." He hugged her, "Ready." Tara nodded. They walked out and made their way to where the wedding was being held.

Marina & Kobalt’s Quarters

Kobalt was very pleased the new quarters were ready as he finished up moving his items into it. Once done he cleaned up and sported his dress uniform.

"Marina we have to hurry or we will be late," he yelled to the bedroom.

“I’m ready” Marina smiled as she appeared in the bedroom doorway in her dress uniform, she’d chosen to leave her hair long as she always wore it tied up whilst on duty. She smiled warmly as she walked across to Kobalt. “Our first wedding as a couple, hopefully it’ll soon be our wedding. You do look very handsome in your dress uniform.”

"Yes I do. This will be my first human wedding. Perhaps we should take notes?" Kobalt replied.

“If you wish my love” Marina smiled warmly. “Let me know what you like and dislike about it. We can tailor our wedding to what we both like.”

" I wish I would have known his was this soon though. None the less let us celebrate with the Commodore." Kobalt replied.

“Let’s indeed” Marina smiled and held onto Kobalt’s arm. “Let’s go.”

The Ceremony

Tara's brothers sat down. Lita was seated by the ushers. Alex found the nanny who was watching the kids for her. She sat down next to them.

Marina took her seat, smiling as she looked at Kobalt as he took his seat.

The music played as everyone took their positions.

Tara and her dad stood in the back and as the music started. She was a little nervous but excited. She saw Jack. She locked eyes with Jack as she walked, smiling.

Tara's sister walked down first with flowers in her hand. Once they were half way down, Tara's dad walked her down the aisle. Everyone stood up as they walked down. All eyes were upon her. They continued to walk until they reached Jack and his best man. Her dad handed Tara off to Jack.

The one who was marrying them addressed the guests, "Welcome and please be seated."

"Thank you all for making the commitment to be here today as Jack and Mutara pledge their
love for one another and make a truly wonderful commitment of their own.

Life is made up of a series of commitments: work, friends, family, community, even to ourselves.
But making this marriage commitment to the one you love can be the most fulfilling of one’s
entire life.

Yes, it is a commitment of time, resources and emotion to another, but
marriage is the commitment you also make to yourself.

You commit to bettering yourself each and every day working to be the best possible partner you
can be for your beloved.

And It’s not just a commitment to give love, but also to allow yourself to be open enough to
receive it back.

Many of us have experienced the seemingly counterintuitive feeling that giving feels a lot more
rewarding than receiving. Your whole body, your mind, your heart is filled with content and joy
when you give and see how positively it affects those who are receiving. A healthy, happy
marriage consists of two partners who are wholeheartedly ready and willing to give and receive
just as Jack and Mutara so obviously are.

And so now is the time for Jack and Mutara to officially make the marriage commitment.

Tara, please repeat after me."

Tara still a little nervous, started to speak, her voice a little shaky:

Jack, you are my friend, my partner in crime, my first mate, my love, my lover, my everything.
I promise to love you, honor you, help you, have fun with you and share the rest of my life with
you and only you until the end of my days.

Jack, please repeat after me:

Tara, you are my friend, my partner in crime, my first mate, my love, my lover, my everything.
I promise to love you, honor you, help you, have fun with you and share the rest of my life with
you and only you until the end of my days.

Ok, let’s bring out those rings!

The heart shape has a good press agent, but circles are the ultimate symbol of love. I think
about wedding rings as being two half circles that have finally found their other half. And now
completed they flow into each other so perfectly you cannot see anything but a perfect union.
And so, it’s the perfect symbol not just for love, but also for Jack and Mutara. They have
found each other and are so perfect for each other.

And now as you slide your rings on each other’s fingers, realize they’re not simply circles you’re
giving to your loved ones, you’re giving yourself to your perfect match and blending two very
awesome people into one perfect union."

Tara handed her flowers to her sister. She held out her hand.

"Tara, please accept this ring as a token of my everlasting devotion to you and our wonderful life
together. With this ring I thee wed and am proud to give myself to you fully.
Tara was handed Jack's ring.

"Jack, please accept this ring as a token of my everlasting devotion to you and our wonderful life
together. With this ring I thee wed and am proud to give myself to you fully."

The one marrying them continued, "Marriage is one of the most selfless and at the same time wonderfully selfish commitments one can make and I am overjoyed to now officially introduce Mr. and Mrs. Pike.

You may now enjoy your first official married kiss."

Jack smiled and reached over giving Tara a long deep kiss. Tara was so happy, not wanting the kiss to end. Once finished, Tara let out a slight, unexpected giggle.

Sitting with Kobalt, Marina couldn’t help but feel a heartfelt tug as she looked at him. She hadn’t expected to meet and fall in love so soon but she was glad she had and she couldn’t wait until they got to have their marriage ceremony too.

Kobalt actually found a tear as he considered the future with Marina. It would be a unnatural to marry out of species but then again nothing in his past had been all that special. Marina was very special and the love he didn't know he had been waiting for.

They turned and faced their guest. An announcement was made, inviting everyone for food and drinks in the adjoining room.

As the music started to play, Jack took her hand then lead Tara down the aisle and out towards the room for the reception.

Marina smiled as she took Kobalt’s arm and they followed on behind the happy couple with the rest of the guests. She was looking forward to her own wedding with Kobalt even more now. She couldn’t help but notice when Kobalt had wiped away a tear but she didn’t say anything for fear of embarrassing him.

" Allergy to flowers." Kobalt whispered.

“Ohh I see” Marina smiled as she looked at Kobalt. “We’ll have to avoid sitting by any bouquets at the reception then.”


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