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Decision made

Posted on Mon Jul 13th, 2020 @ 9:08pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Commodore Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: After the meeting


Having discussed moving in together and the idea of marriage, Marina and Kobalt made their way to speak with Commodore Pike. Marina knew this would come as a surprise to their new CO given that they were both new crew to his ship and that neither of them had been aboard long. For Marina it all seemed like a daydream, a magical daydream but she knew how she felt about Kobalt and could feel how he felt about her. She smiled as she turned to look at him.

“You know the Commodore is going to question this request, he won’t marry us unless he’s one hundred percent sure that we know what we’re doing.” She stopped walking. “I know how much I love you, and I feel how much you love me. That’s good enough for me to make our bonding official.”

" I mate for life, it is the way." Kobalt replied.

Marina smiled warmly. “Then I am honoured to be the woman you have chosen.”

As they arrived at Pike’s ready room Marina took a nervous breath and pressed the chime.

"Enter" Jack spoke as he was standing at the replicator in his ready room.

Marina looked at Kobalt before entering the ready room, she offered Pike a warm smile as they approached his desk. “Commodore ...” She looked towards Kobalt then back at Pike. “We have something we’d like to ask you.”

Jack looked at the two for a moment then offered them a seat "And what is that you have to ask me?"

Marina took the offered seat but thought she’d give Kobalt a chance to tell Pike why they’d come to see him.

" Sir after our last mission myself and Lt Vaal have bonded. Both mentally and in a physical way. Because of that link we feel ready to make that official . We are hopeful you will officiate our marriage ceremony." Kobalt formally asked.

Marina looked at Pike waiting for his answer.

Jack sat there looking at the two for a minute "Are you two sure about this?"

“I know it sounds, and is, very quick Sir” Marina looked at Kobalt then back at Pike. “I can’t explain how I feel about Kobalt, all I know is that we’re meant to be together. So Yes, I’m sure about this.”

" It is part of the temporal link we shared. It was a vision we both deciphered sir." Kobalt added.

“It’s more than that” Marina looked at Kobalt. “It’s love.” She smiled and looked back at Jack.

Jack nodded "Very well then if you two are 100% sure on then then I shall perform the ceremony."

Marina’s smile practically shone. “Thank you Sir. I guess we just have to decide when.”

Jack gave a small smile "You two are welcome, just let me know when."

" Sir we will. None of this will interfere with our duties I assure you." Kobalt added.

"That's good to hear Mr. Kobalt."

Marina sat grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she wasn’t sure what else she should add to the conversation. It was simply a case of choosing a date for the wedding ceremony now and whether to have a private ceremony or a more public one. All things she and Kobalt needed to discuss.

Kobalt nuzzled Marina and shuffled to the door. He had been with the Commodore for a while but still felt nervous.

Jack sat watching them go then got back to his paperwork.

Marina politely nodded and headed out of the ready room with Kobalt. She looked at him as they walked. “When shall we marry?”

" We will need to see how the next assignment goes. Do you have friends aboard you wish to invite? I know Lt Two Bears the engineer. I have not made a lot of friends." Kobalt replied.

“I don’t have any friends as yet but hopefully I’ll make some soon.” Marina smiled warmly. “We both will.” Seeing their new Commander Marina made her excuses and headed over to talk to her.



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