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Doc Meets XO

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 4:51pm by Commander Mari Ogawa & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Sickbay

Dr. Romaine waited patiently for the XO to come so she could be returned to normal. Things were starting to get better in Sickbay. The medkits arrived and things were getting fixed. She continued to put things in their places.

Mari found Sickbay and walked in, "Finally, I hope you have a dermal regenerator that works because I'm tired of looking like this."

Tara turned to see a Romulan woman with an attitude, "So, are you still playing a Romulan or are you just rude like this all the time."

Mari smiled along with a slight chuckle, "Touche, touche doctor." She clapped, Finally, I've met my match." She walked in further, "I apologize but I have been like this for two weeks and I would like to stare into a mirror and see me for once. I've almost forgotten what I look like."

"I can imagine." She grabbed one of the dermal regenerators and walked over to a biobed, "Have a seat. I was wondering if you were going to come in. I was starting to think that you wanted to stay like that."

"I decided to get in my quarters and change clothes. You don't know how uncomfortable their clothes are." Mari sat on the bio bed.

"That is true. I don't." She started to work on her face with the device, "So, are you planning to stay for a while or are you going to go on another assignment?"

"No, this is my last one. I'm tired of all the pretending to be someone that I'm not."

I guess that would be tedious." She worked a little longer. Once done, she grabbed a mirror, "Well? What do you think?"

Mari smiled, "Well, hello gorgeous." She felt her forehead, above her eyes and also felt her eyebrows that now extended out past the end of her eyes, "Arigatōgozaimashita. Kansha shite imasu."

"Dōitashimashite." Tara smiled. She knew partly of what she said.

"Oh, so you know Japanese?" Mari thought that she'd finally have someone to talk to in her native language,

"No, I only picked up a few words while at the Academy. You know, the usual hello, goodbye, thank you...the important stuff."

"Well your pronunciation was very good. If you ever want to learn it, I'd be happy to teach you."

Tara smiled, "I'd like that." tara wonderedl, "Have you had your physical yet? I mean, while you're here, I can do it if need be."

"No, I'm good for a year." Mari hated physicals but understood why she asked.

Tara went the computer and entered in what she did. She read a little further and noticed something quite uncommon, "I see here that you are a telepath?"

Mari sighed, "I do but please don't tell anyone. I try to keep that quiet. My dad was part Betazoid from what I understand. I didn't find out until I was older."

"You're father or mother never told you? She didn't get why someone would keep it a secret.

Mari explained further, "My parents were killed. They were probably waiting to see if I was going to get the abilities but I guess they died before they could find out."

"I'm so sorry." She sighed, "I won't tell a soul."

Mari nodded, "Good. Patient confidentiality is very important."

"Of course." Tara took the mirror and set it away.

Mari got up, "Well thank you doctor. I feel so much better.." She added, "And look better too."

Tara chuckled, "Now no one is going to mistaken you as a Romulan spy."

Mari looked embarrassed, "How did you hear about that?"

Commodore Pike came in and told me about it."

"Well, I hope you got a good laugh. It was so embarrassing."

"Don't worry. He only told me. i think you're safe." Tara assured her.

Mari observed her for a moment and then noticed the ring on her finger, "Oh my god! You and the CO, I would have never thought. That's great."

"I think so. But I don't get special treatment so you have nothing to worry about."

Mari nodded, "I'm not worried. See you later Doc." Mari left.

Tara wasn't sure how she felt about the new XO but she knew one thing, she liked her much better than the former XO. Tara chuckled as she went back to doing what she was doing before the XO walked in.


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