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New Arrival

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 10:40pm by Lieutenant Trriston Solarr

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: USS Daedalus/USS New Hampshire
Timeline: The day before the meeting

Having sent all but one bag ahead, Trriston carried his last bag with him to the transporter room. This bag contained his most prized possessions. Rrumall was carrying the small travel carrier with Trriston's pet ferrets, Kodo and Podo. While he walked, Trriston spoke in his native, purr-like, Trrugar with his Corrtan (or soul brother), Rrumall, who was a security officer on board the Daedalus.

<"It has been great getting to see you again my friend. I'm excited about my new post, but I'm going to miss you,"> Trriston said, just a little sadly.

<"I have enjoyed seeing you again too,"> Rrumall replied, also in Trrugar. <"And I will also miss you and the boys here,"> he added, indicating the ferrets. <"Just don't forget to write from time to time.">

<"I'll do my best not to forget. I promise,"> Trriston replied. <"Just remember that you can write me too,"> he added.

<"I'll try to remember that.">

They finally arrived at the transporter room. Trriston set his bag down on the transporter pad and Rrumall set the carrier down next to it. They turned to give each other a big hug. <"Take care of yourself, Rrumall.">

<"You too, Trriston,"> Rrumall replied as they ended their hug. <"Happy hunting, Corrtan.">

<"Happy hunting."> Trriston stepped up onto the transporter pad and turned to face the transporter chief. Switching to English he said, calmly, "You may enerrgize when rready."

"One moment while I get final confirmation from the New Hampshire that they're ready for you sir," the Chief replied. A few seconds later her console beeped alerting her to the confirmation. "They're ready now sir. Good luck."

"Thank you, Chief," Trriston said.


With that, the transport sequence began and the transporter room of the Daedalus faded out. Soon the transporter room of the New Hampshire faded in and Trriston was standing next to his bag and the carrier on the pad.

"Welcome aboard sir," the transporter chief said.

"Thank you, Chief," Trriston replied, happy to see that the Chief didn't seem to be concerned by his appearance. Most people seemed to be a bit intimidated by him the first time they met, especially if he was the first Trrugar they had ever met.

Trriston picked up his bag and the carrier and went to his quarters to get things settled. The first thing he did was to make sure that the custom safety box for Kodo and Podo was in place and operational. Once he was sure it was he let them out of the carrier and they immediately began exploring their new home.

Trriston chuckled at their eagerness and began putting the part of his Klingon blade collection that was for use in place, some in drawers and some on stands that were either on a table or mounted on a wall. Once that was done he unpacked his clothes, starting with his uniforms since he would be needing those first.

When he was done setting out his Klingon blades set for use, Trriston began setting out his display set. Many went next to their using counterparts, but some went on their own display. Most of these were the smaller blades whose counterpart had gone in a drawer. He set out the last blade and went to the center of the room to make sure everything looked right.

Satisfied with the results, he went to the replicator to get the pieces and tools to build the climbing "tree" for Kodo and Podo. He soon had everything he needed and began to put it together in a corner where he could see it from any part of the main room and where it wouldn't be in the way when he had guests over. As soon as he started working, both ferrets rushed over to "help" him.

<"Thanks fellas,"> he said in Trrugar with a chuckle, enjoying their playfulness. <"I wouldn't want to do this without you."> He worked for about an hour, it took a little longer with the boys' help than it would have without it, and stepped back to look at the finished product. <"Well boys, what do you think? Did we get it set up the way you like it?"> Both ferrets immediately began to swarm over every part of the climbing "tree", it even looked a little like a tree with parts of it in medium browns and parts in a semi-dark green. After visiting each part at least three times the two ferrets rushed over to Trriston and swarmed up onto his shoulders, with Kodo stopping on his left shoulder and Podo on his right, their usual shoulders.

Trriston reached up to pet both of them as they began to nuzzle him. With him purring and the boys dooking (a kind of chortling or clucking sound), Trriston went over to a chair and sat down, ready to spend some time just being with the boys. "Computerr, play Trriston's flute music list one." The music began and the boys moved down to his lap, ready for some long-overdue affection.

When the flute music stopped Trriston sighed, both happy because of the time spent with his ferrets and disappointed that it was time to head for bed. He didn't want to be late for his shift in the morning. <"Sadly boys it's time for bed,"> he said sadly. Both ferrets gave a finger a playful bite as if to say "Not yet it isn't." Then they went to their usual spots at the head of the bed where they could be close to Trriston, but wouldn't get squished if he rolled over in his sleep. Trriston got ready for bed and set an alarm to wake him in the morning. He gave each ferret a few strokes before they all went to sleep.


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