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Short meeting

Posted on Sat Jul 11th, 2020 @ 9:10am by Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Mari Ogawa & Lieutenant Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak & Lieutenant Marina Kelea

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

Jack had just made his way to the observation lounge, things where still trying to come in order aboard the new ship. He sat down with another cup of coffee then pressed the comm panel.

'Pike to Ogawa, Matthews, Solarr, Th'arharak, Vaal please report to the observation lounge."

Marina was sitting at her desk in her office when the call came. Putting the PADDs on her desk in a neat pile she picked up one to use for taking notes before heading to the observation lounge.

Jack looked up "Hello Lieutenant."

As the observation lounge doors closed behind her Marina offered a warm smile. “Hello Commodore, I haven’t had chance to say Congratulations on your promotion” She smiled warmly taking a seat at the top end of the table near Jack.

Jack nodded "Thank you Lieutenant." He took a long drink of his coffee.

Kobalt always wanted to be early but this morning he was not on his A game. Arriving second he sort of bowed.

" Sir I apologize for arriving late. The lifts are slower on this ship I think." he addressed Pike.

Jack shook his head "It's ok Mr. Kobalt, from what I've been hearing..there are a few bugs we need to work out on this new ship."

Marina couldn’t help but smile as Kobalt entered the room, just having him in the same room made her heart beat faster.

Kobalt smiled cheshirely, his antennas straight up.

Marina motioned Kobalt to a seat nearby << We always seem to be in the same place at the same time Imzadi >>

Trriston was just putting his dishes from breakfast in the replicator when Commodore Pike paged him. He tapped his com-badge to reply, "Lieutenant Solarr herre, on my way sirr." He quickly made his way to the observation lounge, arriving shortly after Lieutenant Kobalt. He took a few steps into the room so he wouldn't be blocking the door for anyone else coming in and came to attention, "Lieutenant Trriston Solarr, rreporrting as orrdered, sirr."

Kobalt nodded with the "Sup" greeting known throughout the universe, as he moved closer to Marina.

Jack looked over towards the new one into the room "Welcome Lieutenant, please have a seat." He gestured to the many other empty chairs "We are waiting on two more."

Trriston immediately relaxed saying, "Thank you, Sirr," and took a seat, leaving the seat closest to the Commodore open for the Chief of Security. He was pleased to see that, at least before the meeting, this was going to be a fairly casual meeting with less formality than the meetings he had been part of on his first posting.

Marina looked curiously at the new arrival, they hadn’t yet met. “Lieutenant” she nodded and smiled warmly.

Jack nodded "Welcome." He turned towards the others "This is Lieutenant Trriston Solarr our Assistant Chief of Security, for those who haven't met him yet."

"Grreetings, it's an honorr to meet each of you," Trriston said with a friendly smile.

“It’s nice to meet you too” Marina smiled warmly. “I’m Marina Vaal, ships Counselor.”

Trriston bowed his head toward Marina, acknowledging her greeting.

Next, Commander Ogawa stepped in and looked around to see who was all there. These faces she would have to learn each of them by name. She was pleased that they had coffee. She made a beeline to the coffee and got herself a cup. Holding the cup in both hands, she took a sip of it. She looked around for a seat and took it and waited for the meeting to start.

Jack got up from his seat to get another cup of coffee "Good to see you make it Commander." After re filling his cup he turned to the others "Everyone this is Commander Mari Ogawa, our new First Officer."

Marina smiled warmly. “It’s nice to meet you Commander.”

Mari smiled, "Same here."

Trriston stood, placed his right fist over his heart, and said respectfully, "I'm honorred to meet you, ma'am." Then he sat down again and waited patiently for the meeting to start. *I wonder when Lieutenant Pike will get here,* he thought. *I hope he won't mind that I got here before he did. I wish I'd had a chance to meet him before our first staff meeting. Oh well, that's life in Starfleet, you never know what's going to happen or when.*

Mari nodded to Trriston and then turned her attention to Pike.

Jack sat there for a moment then tapped the comm "Commodore Pike to Lt. Matthews, please report right away to the observation lounge."

"Ok everyone, we are going to get this meeting started." Jack grabbed 3 small boxes then slid them over towards Kobalt, Marina, and Trriston, he then grabbed a pad "By order of Star Fleet command, I Commodore Jack Pike hereby promot Kobalt Th'arharak, Marina Vaal and Trrison Solarr from Lt (Jg) to full Lieutenant with all rights and privileges."

Marina looked at Kobalt then at Pike a big smile on her face. “Thank you Commodore. I wasn’t expecting that when I walked in here.”

"You are welcome" Jack said "Congratulations by the way."

Marina nodded and looked at Kobalt, she had no doubt he was as surprised as her.

" I am pleased you have confidence in me Commodore. Thank you sir." Kobalt replied.

Jack nodded looking over at Kobalt "You are welcome Mr. Kobalt, and congratulations."

Trriston opened his box, trying to figure out why the Commodore was promoting him on what amounted to his first day on the job, and put on his new rank insignia. “Thank you, sir. I am trruly honorred. Though I must admit, I don’t know what I did to earrn this honorr on my second day aboarrd the ship,” he said, confusion mixing with pride in his voice.

"You are welcome Mr. Trriston, it is your whole Star Fleet career and I see lot of potential with all of you here."

" That's good I plan to be your second officer someday," Kobalt joked,

"Time will only tell Mr. Kobalt." Jack looked around the room "If there isn't anything else then you are all dismissed."

Marina nodded and stood, while they’d been talking she’d put on her new pip and was proudly sporting her new full Lieutenant rank. She smiled proudly at Kobalt, << I’ve no doubt you’ll make an excellent second Officer when that time comes Imzadi. >>

Trriston stood up and came to attention. "Thank you, sir," he said, surprised that the whole meeting was just to promote the three officers. *It seems I have a somewhat strange new commanding officer. I think I'm going to like him, but time will tell,* he thought as he left the room.

Kobalt headed out with Marina.

" Should we speak to the Commodore?" Kobalt asked Marina.


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