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Lessons over lunch

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2020 @ 1:38pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak
Edited on on Thu Jul 16th, 2020 @ 12:06am

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Before Talking to the Commodore


The morning shift over Marina had been looking forward to catching up with Kobalt over lunch, choosing herself a mixed salad, cake for dessert and a drink she found a table in a quiet corner and waited for her Andorian mate to arrive. Her heart was racing just at the thought of being near him again, if this was what true love was all about she was enjoying it immensely.

Kobalt had waited many years searching for the one now only to discover that one was not Andorian. But Marina Vaal was the only woman to ever touch his soul. Entering the ten forward restaurant Kobalt could feel Marina reaching out.

The moment Kobalt had entered the room Marina had felt his presence in her mind gain in strength, she looked up from her plate and eagerly looked towards where Kobalt was standing giving him a gleaming smile and a wave.

" I am never sure now if you will me to a place or I go there on my own? I have missed you," Kobalt declared in Marina's ear.

Marina’s smile beamed. “I’ve missed you too! Not that I’m really ever without you, I can feel you in my mind and in my heart too.”

" I hope for some alone time tonight, interested?"

“I most definitely am” Marina smiled. “Are you sure I won’t be spoiling your alone time though?”

" We can fore go lunch. But I really need to talk to you about us and this ship. The Binars are no longer coming which means their room is available. QuarterMaster says its' ours if you want it?" Kobalt replied.

Marina looked at Kobalt in surprise, “You mean as in living together!?” She nodded enthusiastically. “I would love to!”

" Yes we sort of like one another." Kobalt joked.

She looked at Kobalt curiously. “If I’m, for all intents and purposes your wife now what happens about a married name? Human culture would have me take your surname as my own, whereas Betazoid culture would demand that you take mine although I’m not keen on that option. As a Trill I carry my symbionts family name or should I just stay as I am?”

" I will abide by society just ask the Commodore to wed us. Unless you have a tradition. My people will not come." Kobalt added.

Marina gently reached out her hand and placed it on Kobalt’s. “You don’t have to abide by anything Kobalt, last time we touched like this our souls met and it was the most profound feeling I’ve ever known. All I know is that I want to spend my life with you, so yes ... I would very much like the Commodore to marry us.”

Kobalt stood up. " Let's go conjugate this agreement." he smiled.

Marina grinned. “Why not” She stood ready to leave with him. “Where to? Our new quarters or one of our old ones?”

" Yours is best mine, is a, mess."

< One Hour Later >

Kobalt held Marina and kissed her forehead astonishingly curious.

" You are a joined Trill? Is it named Vaal? "

Marina nodded. “When a Trill is joined we take the surname of the symbiont. My mother’s surname is Kelea and my father’s is Vox, he’s a joined Trill as well.” She smiled warmly. “I’ve been a host for three years and I’m the third host of the Vaal symbiont.” She lifted her head to brush her hair out of the way before resting it back on Kobalt’s shoulder.

Antennae moved for Kobalt as he took all that in.

" So are you able to bare children with a symbiont?" he then asked.

“Yes” Marina nodded. “I’ll admit I’m not exactly sure how that works but joined Trill can have families. I guess that would fall to a medical professional to work out. I’m the only half Trill to ever be joined, I volunteered to save Vaal.”

" I served with a Liam Vol once, a joined Trill. That will be fun to experiment with." Kobalt smiled. " I suspect we need to return to duty."

“I know” Marina sounded disappointed. “At least we can spend tonight together, if you’d like to that is?” She had a feeling Kobalt would agree but it didn’t hurt to ask.

" In our new quarters." Kobalt replied.

Marina nodded enthusiastically. “Try keeping me away!” She sat up pulling the cover around her. “If I get time between appointments I’ll start repacking what things I already unpacked ready to move my things into our new quarters. We’re going to have to learn how to exist in a shared space. How many bedrooms do we have? If it’s two we could make one into an office for the time being until we need it as a nursery.” She smiled warmly. “That is if we can have children.”

" One thing at a time." Kobalt replied.

Marina nodded. “I didn’t mean now Kobalt, I was just thinking ahead that’s all.” Her smile faded a little. “I wasn’t expecting any of this, i’m still getting used to it.”

" Am I rushing you? I feel like this is what you have been wanting all your life. I have never felt love like this with anyone but you." Kobalt answered.

“Heavens no ... you’re not rushing me.” Marina smiled. “I can’t wait to be married to you, I just feel like I’m rushing you with my talk of future plans.”

" My parents marriage was not the normal Andorian one by far. Too much pink skin influence I suspect. I believe in one marriage for life. Unless my health depletes, then you have my permission to expire me. No extraordinary is my way." Kobalt added.

“Expire you!” Marina shook her head. “That is very definitely not my way! I believe in being beside you as the humans say ... in sickness and in health.” She smiled.

" Let us not speak of such things now. Let us live and love." Kobalt answered as he scooped Marina up off the ground and kissed her deeply.

Marina practically melted into Kobalt’s embrace, returning his kiss as her fingers trailed lightly over his antennae. “Mmm you keep that up and we’ll never get back to work on time.”

One more kiss and Kobalt released Marina.

Marina smiled warmly as she made sure the collar on Kobalt’s uniform was tidy. “I’ll look forward to seeing you in our new quarters tonight. In the meantime I’ll try not to let my thoughts lead you astray.”

Kobalt smiled and parted way to return to duty.



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