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Meeting the new First Officer

Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 8:20am by Commodore Jack Pike & Commander Mari Ogawa

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station

Jack had arrived on the Sovereign class New Hampshire, he had walked around a bit trying to get used to his new ship, finally arriving at his ready room, he stepped inside, looking around for a moment he then stepped behind his desk to get started on paper work.

Mari had just stepped off the shuttlecraft which had brought her straight from the mission she just completed as promised. She started to make her way to the Chief Medical Officer but before she was able to, she was stopped by two security guards. When she tried to explain who she was, they didn't believe her. But then again, in their defense, she didn't look human or Japanese...she looked Romulan, "I want to see your commanding officer right now." She said something in Japanese which was far from a complement.

The security guards accompanied her to Commodore Pike's ready room and rang the chime, waiting for permission to enter.

Jack looked up from his pad that he was reading "Enter."

The ready room doors opened up and two guards stepped in with an unhappy Romulan woman in between them. One of them spoke up, "Sorry to intrude Commodore but we found this Romulan woman roaming the corridors. She claims to be Commander Ogawa but as you can see, she's not," he searched for the appropriate word, "human...sir."

Mari rolled her eyes, "Joudanjania!" She yanked her arm out of the grip of the security officer, "And if you both did what I asked you to do, this would have been all cleared up."

Mari took one step forward, "My apologies sir but I wasn't given the option to change my appearance back. But I assure you, I AM Mari Ogawa."

The other security guard stepped up to, matching Mari's position, "How would you like us to proceed?"

Jack sat there placing the pad down onto his desk then looked at the 3 standing before him "Dismissed the two of you." looking at the two security officers, giving them a don't question it look. After the two security left he looked at the only one standing before him "Care to explain?"

"Let's just say that I made a deal with the devil." Mari pulled out a chair and sat down, "I really can't go into detail but Starfleet wanted me to do one more job since they already trusted me. It was supposed to be just for a week but it took a little longer than expected. I was supposed to have a few days to get prepared for this assignment but since it took longer, Admiral Watson told them to just take me straight here." She cursed under her breath, "Can you believe it? No dermal regenerator, no clothes and no formal goodbyes."

Jack almost chuckled "Deal with the devil huh?" He sat there looking at his new first officer for a moment "I have heard that Admiral Watson sometimes will do that."

Mari exhaled, "You know. This is not how I wanted our first meeting to go." She looked very uncomfortable from the outfit she was wearing. She asked herself if this day could get any worse but she didn't say it out loud because she didn't want to jinx it, "I was hoping to sneak by everyone, go see the doctor and then report to you." She was so embarrassed.

Jack looked at her then shrugged "Least one good thing you know for sure how good security is here on the New Hampshire." He stopped up then went to the replicator ordering a cup of Hawaiian blend coffee "Can I get you anything?"

"Oh yes. I'll take what you're having." She hadn't had a decent cup of coffee in weeks, "Black." She observed him for a moment, "So, have you heard anything about what our new assignment will be?" She wondered what the hurry was for her to arrive on the ship or if it was just someone's elaborate joke to embarrass her. If it was, they succeeded.

Jack nodded punching in the order then came back to his desk, placing the cup of black Hawaiian blend coffee in front of her then sat down with his own cup "Sorry Commander I really have no idea currently what our new assignment will be just yet."

She immediately took a sip from her cup, "Mmm, you don't know how good this is until you haven't had it for awhile." She took another sip, "So what were we talking about? Oh yes, new assignment for this ship. That could be a good thing. Well, at least for me, it's a good thing. I will have time to get settled."

Jack took a sip of his coffee giving a nod "True there, yeah you should be able to get settled in and have least couple days to try to get used to the ship."

"That is good to know." She rubbed her forehead and sighed, "Orokana gaku no one." She looked at him, "Sorry. I miss my smooth forehead."

"I can only bet that you do, least with the Doctor's help then you should be able to have your smooth forehead back."

"It's everything. Eyebrows...ugh." She took a breathe and exhaled, "And I find the Romulans to be very angry people. It started to rub off on me."

Jack took another sip of coffee "Yeah some Romulans can be, but so can Klingons."

"I know. "Good thing my last assignment wasn't that." She chuckled, "I would've not made a convincing Klingon female."

Jack shrugged "Who knows, maybe you might have made for one."

"Well, I guess we'll never know since I won't be taking anymore assignment except this one." She drank her coffee, finishing it up in what looked like one big gulp, "So, when do I get to meet the crew? I need to start learning some names."

"You can meet them anytime that you would like Commander."

"Good. But first, I'd better get out of this outfit, get back to normal and then check out the ship.. I'm sure that we'll have plenty of time to discuss once things get going." She looked at her coffee cup,, noticed it was empty, "And if you don't mind, I'll take another cup of coffee to go."

Jack nodded "Sure thing Commander." He got up then refilled both of their cups then sat back down as she left.


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