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New found love

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 7:13pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea-Th'arharak & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Kobalt’s Quarters


Marina lay on her bed, entwined in the sheets. At first she thought she’d imagined what had taken place, a figment of her own imagination after having been in Kobalt’s mind but the feel of his body next to hers and his arms wrapped around her body told her it wasn’t a dream at all. “Are you awake?” She rested her head gently on his shoulder enjoying the feel of closeness between them.

" Why would I sleep? That was amazing ! We have to do this again." Kobalt replied himself ready for another round.

“Already!” Marina grinned. “Are all Andorians as energetic as you?”

" No I am weak compared to some I know. Enough talk," he smiled as he slid head first under the sheet. This round proved to be just as rewarding.

~ Sometime later ~

Marina lay staring up at ceiling, Kobalt had proven himself a very adept lover but something more had occurred that she hadn't expected. "Did you feel that? Tell me you felt that?" She looked at Kobalt as she turned on her side and looked at him. "It felt like... I can't describe the feeling, all I know is that it felt like we were bonded.”

"I am,what is known as a thaan . A masculine of my people. As for our Bonding that happened the moment you touched me by mistake. No Andorian female or other has ever reached me that way. I would die for you." Kobalt replied.

Marina looked deeply into Kobalt’s eyes, gently taking his hand as she did so. “I never thought I’d believe in love at first sight, but now I do.” She smiled warmly. “I didn’t know I’d bonded with you, but I’m glad I did. It doesn’t bother you that I’m a joined Trill? and what about children? From what I know of Andorians you have a special four person ritual to have children, how would I provide you with offspring to continue your family line?”

" I don't know or care honestly. All I know is that once you touched me I felt complete. I am Andorian but I am Kobalt Th'arharak first...what ever that means and I love you Marina Vaal." Kobalt replied.

Marina smiled as she looked in Kobalt’s eyes. “If this is true love then I’m as smitten as you!” She gently leant in to kiss him tenderly and lovingly before leaning back. “I want to learn everything about you, I have a feeling I’ve a lot to learn about this bond we now share. I wish I’d listened to my mother more now when she explained it to me when I was younger.”

" About love or Andorians? We are a complex species."

"About love and bonding" Marina grinned. "I want to learn a whole lot more about Andorians."

" I need to get back to my post. More of this later I hope? I am feeling stronger." Kobalt reassured.

"That's good" She nodded. "It's a good job this is our lunch hour or we'd both be in trouble for making love whilst on duty!" She grinned. "It would be considered unprofessional."

" I found it quite therapeutic." Kobalt smiled.

“Funnily enough it was one of my most enjoyable Counselling sessions too!” Marina grinned as she watched Kobalt as he dressed. “I guess I’d best be getting back to work too.” She slid out of bed and grabbed her uniform. “Oh ... this bond of ours, I’m guessing I’ll feel you inside my mind even when we’re not together?”

" And my arousals."

“Oh that could be fun!” Marina smiled. “I’ll have a hard enough time concentrating until I’m used to this bond as it is.”

The unspoken truth was a secret even Kobalt was unaware of which was the true reason for their psychic bond.

As she brushed her hair in the mirror Marina turned and looked at Kobalt curiously. “Have Andorians ever bonded with another species before? Is it normal?”

"Procreation is always possible. There will be time for all of this Marina. I am not going anywhere." Kobalt replied as he extended his arms to hold Marina.

Marina smiled as she walked up to Kobalt and hugged him, she’d never imagined that she would for all intents and purposes, be the wife of a crewmate when she’d started her shift this morning.



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