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Meeting The Doctor

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 10:39pm by Lieutenant Trriston Solarr & Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Shortly after the briefing

Trriston left the security office and decided that now was as good of a time as any to meet the doctor and give her a baseline for him. He made his way to sickbay and entered quietly, not wanting to interrupt anything that might be going on inside. He took a quick look around and spotted the chief medical officer. Seeing that she wasn't busy, he walked up to her to introduce himself. "Grreetings doctorr. I was wonderring if I could see you forr a moment," Trriston said with a friendly purr in his voice.

"Yes. How can I help you Lieutenant?" They didn't get many Trrugars on the ship. She remembered now what his name was. She snapped her fingers and pointed, "Solarr."

Trriston nodded his head, confirming that she had the right name. "Since therre arren't many Trrugars in Starr Fleet, I make it a point wheneverr I arrrive at a new post to check in with the chief medical officerr to have them get baseline rreadings forr me. That way, when they need to trreat me forr anything they know what is norrmal forr me. So, I'm herre forr you to rrun me thrrough yourr tests to get that baseline," Trriston explained.

"I can do that." She led him to a biobed, "Have a seat." She changed the settings on her medical tricorder and walked back to him, "So how do you like the ship so far?"

"I haven't seen much of it in perrson yet, but so farr she looks like a fine ship. When I got the confirrmation that I had gotten the post, I spent much of my frree time in the holodeck on my last ship explorring the layout and learrning wherre everrything is herre. I wanted to be as rready as I could be forr duty and I wanted to know how to get anywherre I need to as quickly as possible," he replied, adding an explanation for his comment about seeing the ship in person.

She chuckled, "I did the same thing on my last ship." She started scanning him as she started small talk with him, "So, do you have a mate? And if you do, is she here on this ship?"

"My lorrmune, or lifemate, is on ourr home worrld. Herr name is Lorrahna. We've been joined, orr as the humans say marrried, forr ten Earrth yearrs. She is still on ourr home worrld. We hope that she will be able to join me herre soon, but she has some things to take carre of back home firrst," he replied.

"I hope so too. I really hate it when two people are separated who should be together." Her marriage broke up because of it but she wasn't going to say anything about that. "Any brothers? Sisters?" She continued scanning and the small talk.

"I have a trrue brrother named Durrim and a trrue sisterr named Melarra. I also have a Corrtan, orr soul brrother, named Rrumall. A Corrtan is someone that is chosen because they arre so close to one's hearrt that they feel like a brrother orr sisterr. Once the Corrtan cerremony has been perrformed they are considerred to be one's brrother. They have all the rrights and duties of a trrue brrother, with the sole exception of inherritance orrder. They can inherit, but only if no otherr blood rrelative is still alive," he explained.

"Sorry, I forgot about this one."

"No need to apologize, doctorr. You arre doing much betterr than most doctorrs do with the tests. They arre almost pleasant the way you do them. And it's nice to meet a doctorr that doesn't smell of fearr when they firrst meet me. Most rrecoverr quickly, but they arre still nerrvous until they get to know me," Trriston said, thinking of all of the doctors that had a tendency to swallow a lot the first few times they saw him in their sickbay.

"Nope, doesn't bother me at all. Vice Admiral T'Lar from one of the Starbases used to have a White Bengal Tiger. He was like one of the family. I got to know him and he was as gentle as he could be until someone tried to hurt the family." She added, "Not that I am comparing you to an animal or anything." She was just trying to explain why she wasn't nervous or anything.

"I underrstand," Trriston replied. "Trrust me, if I thought you werre insulting me, you'd know it. I'm much like the tigerr you mentioned. With frriends and family, and Starrfleet perrsonnel, I'm one of the gentlest people you could everr hope to meet. Thrreaten those people, and you'll wish you had neverr even hearrd of me," he added, purring when he was talking about those he cares for, and almost snarling when he was talking about them being threatened. "I tend to be a little overrprrotective of those I carre about, especially my commanding officerrs. If anyone attacks the captain orr firrst officerr when I'm nearrby, pity the poorr soul, forr they may not live much longerr," he concluded with a friendly smile.

"Good to know. You'll be the first one I seek for protection." She finished her scans, "Just one more thing. Claws, may I see them?" She was quite intrigued with his physiology. "So what do you do for fun? Anything interesting?""

"Cerrtainly," he said as he held out his hands for her inspection. Then he extended his claws one at a time, starting with the pinky on his left hand and ending with the pinky on his right hand, partly to show off the ability and partly to show her that he had the proper control of his claws. "I don't know if you would find what I do forr fun interresting orr not. Each perrson has thierr own likes and dislikes. It larrgely depends on the day and the mood I'm in. I often rread; prractice with my Klingon blade collection; hunt, trrack orr prractice surrvival skills on the holodeck; and when I get home most days, I spend some time playing with my pet ferrrets, Kodo and Podo," he said, answering her question.

She had heard about their claws and seeing it, it was even more impressive, "I love ferrets. Just don't have time for pets right now. I enjoy Martial Arts, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, archery and kick boxing but I've never done a survival program in the holodeck. It sounds interesting. I might have to try that."

"You arre welcome to drrop by and visit the boys any time I'm off duty. They arre verry frriendly and love visitorrs. Especially since it means they get extrra attention, they just can't get enough," he said with a chuckle. "As forr the surrvival prrogrram, I would be happy to show you sometime. Though mostly it involves crreating varrious envirronments and worrking with only what can be found therre," he added.

After she was done with her exam, she re-checked her readings, making sure everything was recorded properly, "You are good to go. Everything looks good. Do you have any other concerns?"

"None rright now. That's one of the rreasons I came in now, I feel completely healthy so all of yourr rreadings should be a good baseline forr what is norrmal forr me. Now we know that if I need trreatment you or yourr staff will know what is out of the orrdinarry and it will be easierr forr you to find the rright trreatment, he said. "Thank you, Doctorr Rromaine. I hope we meet again in a social context, not a medical one," he said with a friendly smile. "It was a pleasurre meeting you."

Mutara smiled, "Same here."

"If you decide to come visit Kodo and Podo some time, just let me know. Happy hunting, Doctorr," he said as he left sickbay and returned to his quarters.


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