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Settling in at last

Posted on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 3:05pm by Lieutenant Marina Kelea

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Counsellor’s Office
Timeline: Current


Marina finally stood in her office, she’d arrived aboard the same time as everyone else but had come down with a bad case of Rigelian Fever. She’d spent the best part of boarding time and departure laid up in quarantine in Sickbay, but now she was finally feeling well enough to be back doing her duties.

As a Counsellor she liked to welcome those who needed her to a warm, friendly environment. To that end she set about organising the office, she smiled as she found the boxes that had beamed onboard ship ahead of her. Opening the boxes she pulled out a pile of PADDs, placing them on her desk along with writing pens and paper. She liked doing some things the old fashioned way and writing notes was one of them.

Next she pulled out some freshly washed soft faux fur blankets which she spread across the sofa and also the available chairs. The blankets were soft pastel colours suitable for male or female tastes as she preferred not to make her room a ‘girly’ affair. Following the blankets were a few cushions for comfort which complimented the blankets too.

Out of the other box she pulled out a large soft faux fur rug which she placed down by the sofa. She wasn’t sure if the ship had families aboard as yet but she set up a corner for children, with toys and books to play with if needed.

Finally she pulled out a selection of paintings for the wall and a few souvenirs that she’d collected over the years. Stepping back she smiled as she looked around, the office was feeling a lot more warm and friendly now, just how she liked it.

There was just one last thing to put out and that was a box of tissues on the coffee table ready for use, if anyone needed them. It was always a pain if someone needed tissues and none were available.

Marina prided herself on being prepared for anything, to that end she had to report in to her new CO and let him know she was fit to get to work.



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