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Meeting the New Assistant

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 6:57am by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Pike & Lieutenant Trriston Solarr

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: USS New Hampshire
Timeline: Shortly after the briefing

Nathaniel looked up from the duty roster he was working on, standing up he extended his hand "Welcome to the New Hampshire Lieutenant."

Taking the commander's hand, and making sure his claws stayed retracted, Trriston replied, "Thank you sirr. It's trruly an honorr to be herre."

After shaking his hand "Welcome, please have a seat." He extended his hand then sat down himself.

After Nathaniel sat down Trriston replied, "Thank you sirr," and took the indicated seat.

"So Lieutenant, tell me about yourself?"

Trriston thought for a moment, deciding where he should start and how much to say. (I doubt that he's looking for my life story from when I was a cub,) he thought. After only a few seconds of thought he began, "Well sirr, I'm generrally a gentle perrson, though I'm tough when I need to be. I'm verry prrotective of my fellow crrewmates, especially the captain and firrst officerr. Like most Trrugars, I follow ourr code of honorr, perrhaps morre strrictly than some. I have made it a point to learrn what plants arre poisonous to myself and all of my crrewmates so that if we arre everr in a surrvival situation I can help avoid accidental poisoning while forraging forr food.

I also have a minorr obsession with Klingon blades. I maintain a collection of two sets of each kind of blade, one that is purrly decorration and one that I use. I prractice with all of them so that my skill with them rremains as sharrp as they arre. In fact sirr, now is as good a time as any to ask, I would like perrmision to carrry one of the smallerr blades if I may. Especially when on duty, I like to have one on hand in case it is needed. One neverr knows when phaserrs won't worrk because of some kind of interference, and if we everr rrun into the Borrg a blade is verry effective," Trriston said, hoping Lieutenant Pike would grant him permission.

Nathaniel sat there listening as the officer spoke nodding a couple times "I have used Klingon melee weapons a few times myself. my favorite one to use is the kut'luch." Nathaniel thought for a couple moments "I have no problem with you carrying it but I need to clear it with the Colonel first."

"I underrstand sirr. The chain of command must be followed," Trriston replied, understanding completely. "As forr the blades, my favorrite is also a Kut'luch, though mine is slightly modified frrom the trraditional forrm. Mine doesn't have the serrrated edge the assassins prreferr. My goal is not to cause as much pain and damage as I can, but to be as clean and efficient as possible. My display collection has both the trraditional and the modified verrsions of the Kut'luch," he added.

Nathaniel nodded "Everyone has their own likes and ways to do things. I want you to work with Lieutenant Masela for least 4 days, she has been acting security chief and acting assistant chief on board, so she knows her stuff, I hope that you have no problem working with an Orion female."

"No prroblem at all sirr. Though I'm currious, why do you think that I might have a prroblem worrking with an Orrion female?" Trriston asked, genuinely confused.

"A lot of people don't trust Orion females in general cause of the reputation of some of them, plus the Orion Syndicate as well." Nathaniel spoke

"I see. Well sirr, you should know that unless they have prroven otherrwise I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. If I suspect that they can not be trrusted, I simply keep a close eye on them while allowing them to act as they wish unless they wish to act in a dangerrous or illegal mannerr. In fact, my Corrtan, Rrumall, who is a securrity officerr on the Daedalus, often teases me forr being 'too trrusting'. While he may be rright at times, I prreferr to look forr the good side of people, not bad side of them," Trriston explained. "As forr trrusting Starr Fleet perrsonel, unless they prrove unworrthy of it, they have my trrust frrom the starrt. I have yet to meet anyone in Starr Fleet that I couldn't trrust. I only hope that neverr changes," he concluded.

Nathaniel nodded "I hope that it doesn't change but it has, we had a security officer before I came aboard, who ended up actually working for the Chaos Military, he ended up kidnapping Colonel Pike, but the Colonel was rescued and that cell of the Chaos Military all where arrested."

"I'm sorrry to hearr that such a terrrible thing happened. I will do my best to help you make surre it neverr happens again," Trriston replied.

"Yeah I will also do my best to make sure something like that doesn't happen again here. Also we will be coming up to an away mission. You will be going with Lieutenant Masela as she is with Major Strek, each team will be a mix of security officers and Marines."

"Yes sirr. Wherre and when should I rreporrt to herr?" Trriston asked, in a respectful and official tone.

"Tomorrow at 0800 hours you will report to the Marine deck as we all will undergo some training together." Nathaniel said

"Yes sirr. What do you want me to do forr my duty shift today?" Trriston asked.

Nathaniel shook his head "Just take today off, get yourself more familiar with the ship."

Trriston was a little confused, (I was scheduled to start a shift today, and now he says take the day off? I don't get it, but at least this will let me get my quarters set up and my things unpacked.) "Yes sirr," Trriston said with a respectful nod. "I have a perrsonal rrequest, but I'm not surre who to prresent it to herre. I have some perrsonal holodeck prrogrrams that I would like to have added to the ships library. Some are trraining prrogrrams, some arre exerrcise prrogrrams, and some are just enterrtainment prrogrrams. On the starr base I had to clearr it with the chief of securrity and the chief engineerr, on my last ship I had to clearr it with the captain thrrough the firrst officerr. Who should I clearr it thrrough herre?"

"You will have to get those cleared with the Colonel or the Commander." Nathaniel said "I am sure either one won't have a problem with the programs."

"Thank you sirr," Trriston replied. "I also doubt they will have a prroblem with the prrogrrams. It's always best to check firrst. Betterr safe than sorrry, especially in such matterrs. If they grrant me prrmission, once I have them up and rrunning we might want to have some of the securrity teams rrun thrrough some of the trraining and/orr exerrcise prrogrrams. Naturrally, I would want you to check them out firrst and the decision on which ones we would be using would ultimately be yourrs. I am looking forrward to getting to know the crrew, especially those involved with securrity," he concluded, his eagerness showing in the slight swaying of his tail and the position of his ears.

Nathaniel nodded "I am sure that the Colonel will have no problem with them, and always good for security to have a little extra training here and there. If there isn't anything else Lieutenant then you are dismissed."

"Yes sirr," Trriston said as he stood to begin leaving. "Should I leave my orders with you sirr?" he said holding up the padd with his orders on it.

Nathaniel held out his hand "Yes I will take your orders Lieutenant and give them to the Colonel."

Trriston gave Lieutenant Commander the padd and said, "Thank you sirr. I look forrward to worrking with you."

Nathaniel took the pad "Welcome Lieutenant. I look forward as well."


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