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A Closer Look

Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2020 @ 9:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak
Edited on on Tue Apr 21st, 2020 @ 9:39pm

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: Shuttle craft Siberia
Timeline: Concurrent


Kobalt had left the briefing, ran to the lab and then proceeded to the shuttle bay, awaiting Lt Pikes arrival.

Veronica was a little slower to arrive. She stopped by her quarters to grab her bag and leave a note for Nathanael before heading to the shuttlebay to meet up with Lieutenant Th'arharak. Still, she arrived shortly after he did. "I'm ready," she told the chief when she arrived.

" Good time is of the essence. We will be escorted to,the planetoid. They have already launched. We will maintain scanning range and then proceed with caution. Do you have any questions?" Kobalt asked.

"Not yet," Veronica replied. "It's pretty straightforward. What do you want me to do when we get close?" She hadn't worked with Kobalt yet and wasn't sure what he preferred to do on a survey.

" By the book. Standard scans upon approach. We will determine if an away team is merited." Kobalt replied.

"Yes, sir." Vanessa began to set up the scans so they'd be ready to go as soon as they were within range.

The shuttle quickly maneuvered away from the New Hampshire with star fighters as their escort.

" We will be in sensor range in one hour . Are you detecting any anomalous readings? " Kobalt asked Vanessa.

"I'm getting chroniton waves," she replied. "They're more like ripples, actually. They're relatively weak."

" Chronoton? Fasc....damn Vulcans. As we get closer they may get more intense. Scan for the fighters and tell them to stay in tighter formation. " Kobalt replied.

Vanessa nodded and searched for any ships in the area. All she found were the two fighters. She sent a message informing them of the waves of chroniton particles and asking them to stay closer to the shuttle.

" We are in the planetoid's orbital wake...look,at these readings. How could a planet orbit at such a speed? I am increasing our speed to lower its sheering effects but our drag ...." Kobalt paused at the first glimpse of the undiscovered world appeared on the screen.

" The planet has slowed to space normal speed. Adjusting thrusters to match . Plotting an orbital approach," he said a few minutes later.

" Lt Pike scan for life forms." Kobalt instructed.

It took Vanessa a few minutes to scan, and then double-checked the data. "I'm detecting cities," she said. "Inhabited. The upper atmosphere seems to protect the inhabitants from the effects of the temporal jump." She glanced at Kobalt. "At least a temporal jump would explain what we're looking at."

" I want to get closer but we don't know how stable the temporal effects are based on these readings. Fighter patrol maintain orbital status." Kobalt ordered and then turned to Pike. " What do you think Lieutenant?"

"No, we don't, but we should be able to get closer." She pulled up the data, with the temporal waves they'd picked up so far. "It could change without notice, but this is what we have so far."

" On second thought my senses are telling me to turn back. Hail the escorts and let's return to,the New Hampshire." Kobalt reconsidered.




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