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More than an Update

Posted on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 10:05pm by Commodore Jack Pike & Lieutenant Commander Kobalt Th'arharak & Lieutenant James Two Bears

Mission: Mission 3 Ghost Station
Location: USS New Hampshire
Timeline: Concurrent to Asking for Updates


Two hours from the Gemini system Kobalt did indeed have a lreliminary report for the XO.

" Commander you asked for an update? The probe that was launched has stopped transmitting date from the system. In fact it has stopped transmitting all together. In laymen terms the prove detected chromometric particles just before its last data feed." Kobalt reported.

Acting Chief Lt Two Bears then joined in with his own report which made for an even more intriguing mystery.

" The warp factors in this region are fluctuating too. We are maintaining speed but my crews are having to go old school to get us there. As if the fabric of space is bending." Two Bears reported.

Kobalt immediately jumped to his sensor scans and made his own conclusion.

" The chief is right and I may know why that's happening. At extreme sensor range I am detecting a planetoid that was not logged in the data base for this system. It has upset the orbits of this systems worlds. Distorting space and possibly time." Kobalt speculated.

"What did you get from the probe about the star base and those two docked ships?" Morning Star asked

Jack sat there in his command chair waiting for a response.

" Commander those images are distorted....the closer we get the flux in this system changes. The probe would have also been effected by these conditions. I recommend we drop out of warp and proceed in at sublight. A sublight craft might be able to get closer and be less effected by that added planets orbit effect. As a scientist I would love to go there and see that planet myself," Kobalt replied and urged.

"A planetoid shouldn't affect time," Vanessa replied. "The gravitational field alone isn't significant enough to affect the orbits of the other planets. Does it contain heavy metals or some extremely dense component?"

" Colonel with your permission I would ask to take a shuttle to explore that planetoid?" Kobalt requested.

Jack sat there thinking for a bit before responding "Go ahead Mr.Kobalt, take Lieutenant Pike with you."

Veronica nodded her acquiescence.

" Aye aye sir." Kobalt nodded his antennas perched forward.

"Take the shuttle Siberia and get going you two." Jack spoke.

" Thank you sir." Kobalt replied. None of the others seemed intrigued but planets usually didn't just appear out of no where unless they had been falsely surveyed. Kobalt was too intrigued by.

"I'd like a fighter escort as well colonel as we don't know what is out there and what could be waiting," Morning Star said. "We should also have Major Strek take his marines and check out the star base and the two ships."

Jack turned looked at his First Officer "We can send a fighter escort with the shuttle, figured least two fighters would be enough, security and the Marines will still be checking out the ships and the base."

Morning Star nodded as she looked to Kobalt "I don't need to remind you to stay close to the fighters. Don't take unnecessary chances and report back to the ship on anything you find out there."

" Commander I am a professional not a raw cadet. The fighters might be over kill but I respect your decision." Kobalt replied.

"They may be lieutenant, but we don't know what is out there and I'm not taking chances. It's up to the colonel and myself to notify families if someone doesn't return from a mission. That is one thing I don't like to do," Morning Star said.

The Commanders words reached his soul but Kobalt was convinced the coincidence merited going to the alien shadowed world.

"Get going you two, you have a shuttle to get ready." Jack spoke.

"You heard the colonel," Morning Star said "Dismissed".

Kobalts relief took his seat at the science station and he bolted into the lift.

"Aye, aye," Vanessa said and followed Kobalt more sedately.


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