Mission 3 Ghost Station

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The crew of the New Hampshire are sent to find out why Star Base 945 has quit responding to hails from Star Fleet Command. Two docked star ships have been reported to being there and they too have not responded to hails.

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Mission 1: Investigation

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The U.S.S. New Hampshire-A is currently docked at Star Base 400, the crew has brought back a smuggler ship that has been heavily modified, along with a decent size pirate crew and several missing Star Fleet officers and a Star Fleet Ambassador. The Ambassador was killed along with a couple of the Star Fleet officers. There was a couple things that needed to be solved and the crew of the New Hampshire-A would be tasked with handling that.

Mission 2: Escort

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The U.S.S. New Hampshire-A has been assigned to escort the freighter Apollo from Star Base 400 to the Badlands.