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USS New Hampshire-BThe U.S.S. New Hampshire (NCC-84702-B) is a Sovereign Class commissioned shortly after the success of Operation Reclamation, the push to retake Kelenek'che'sa from the Divine Alliance. It served as the flagship of the Theta Antares Expeditionary Force under Brigadier General Kieran Devaneaux, replacing the U.S.S. Eisenstein.

This ship, near completion at San Francisco Fleet Yards when the first New Hampshire was destroyed, would be detailed to the TAEF upon its commissioning. The name had yet to be decided by the time Kelenek'che'sa was liberated, but circumstances that followed the battle would change that. After being seriously wounded and told he would likely not survive, Major General Mikhail Britanov, commander of the TAEF, sent one last message to Starfleet shortly after the battle ended, on March 26, 2386. It was a request for two things involving this ship - to name it New Hampshire after the valiant science vessel that had sacrificed itself for this planet, and to nominate then-Colonel Devaneaux, his grandson and chief of staff, to be its first captain. Britanov died two days later.

The New Hampshire's first mission was to cross through the Gateway (separating the saucer and flying it in sideways, since it was too wide to fit through while still attached to the stardrive) and travel to Kelenek'che'sa, escorted on its way by the IKS VeS'jach, which had also taken part in the fighting. As most of the fighting men of the TAEF were dead, the newly-recruited Marine detachment of the New Hampshire were the honor guard for the ceremony, including the memorial services for General Britanov and the 65,000 fallen exiles who had been killed by the Pestilence during the Battle of Kelenek'che'sa two months before.

By 2390, the USS New Hampshire was reassigned to Beta Quadrant, and command was given to former first officer, Colonel Jack Pike. While docked at Starbase 400, the USS New Hampshire took on a new Senior Staff and prepared for her first mission within Federation territory.

By 2395 the USS New Hampshire-A was decommissioned and the New Hampshire-B was brought off the lines and given to Commodore Jack Pike.