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Colonel Alexandria Mc Laughlin

Name Alexandria Fae Mc Laughlin

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - El Aurian Hybrid
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 167.64 cm
Weight 50.3488 Kg
Hair Color Black With Highlights
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Col. Mc Laughlin is thin with piercing blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children Twins Age 17:
Patrick Micheal Mc Laughlin - Dennison Trinity College Dublin
Astrid Bridgette Mc Laughlin - Dennison Trinity College Dublin
Father Vice Admiral Shawn Mc Laughlin
Mother Caroline Andolini
Brother(s) Commander Liam Michael Mc Laughlin, Instructor of Earth Sciences Star Fleet Academy
Admiral Jon Huddle
Captain James Huddle

Sister(s) Meg McLaughlin
Master Sgt. Major Jo Ann Worth- Chricton Caesius Marine Base
George Ann Worth-Krezek StarBase 702
Rae Ann Krezek, Retired Brigadier General Proxima Centauri VII
Other Family Col. Aran Krezek- Brother in Law Marine Special Operations
Lt. Colonel Simon Chricton- Brother in Law Caesius Marine Base, Infantry Commander
Lt. Commander Lo'Kal Krezek Brother in Law Tactical Officer SB 702
Lt. Commander Sara Andolini -Krezek Cousin USS Vega , Chemical Engineer
W.O. Celene Andolini- Second Cousin Hostess, Gateway Station

Personality & Traits

General Overview Col. Mc Laughlin is deceptive, highly intelligent, and fearless. She maintains few attachments, even with her family.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Colonel has little remorse for any action that she feels necessary in the line of duty. She has no patience for ignorance and does not suffer fools.
Hobbies & Interests Irish History
Colonel Mc Laughlin is a lifelong supporter of the Donegal county football team,
and watches games in her free time

Personal History Col. Mc Laughlin has a sorted family history, being the daughter of the infamous Vice Admiral Shawn Mc Laughlin, and his off and on again wife: Caroline Andolini. She left home at the age 16, to attend Star Fleet Academy. She fights with her brothers and sisters and is only close to her sister Meg, a lost soul with addiction problems and children scattered throughout the galaxy.

Her children were raised until age 7 by her Aunt Mary Ellen Mc Laughlin, at the Mc Laughlin estate in Ireland, at which time Alexandria sent them both to boarding school. She sees them three times a year in person, and tries to stay close through letters. She proudly fosters their independence and prefers that they do not become involved in her life too much, as her list of enemies is quite long.

She is a career operative and intelligence officer, operating under the orders of Marine Special Operations, most of her file is classified.
Service Record Classified