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Commander Mari Ogawa

Name Mari Ogawa

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Language Specialist

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7
Weight 132 LBS
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Very Dark


Spouse Kaito Ogawa
Father Akihiro Kimoto
Mother Yua Kimoto

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mari isn't your typical Japanese. She also looks to the outside that she confident and sure of herself but she still has doubt in the back of her mind. She goes far beyond of what is expected and she's trustworthy. She's not soft spoken but she's not loud. She has telepathic abilities but like her father, she doesn't advertise it. And she has a good sense of humor. She still wears her wedding ring.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mari doesn't believe in weaknesses. She's good at a lot of stuff and smart. She wants to command a ship of her own but isn't confident enough to take that final step.
Ambitions One day to command a ship.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to play the piano and go into holodecks and pretend that she is a singing sensation. She loves hiking, working out and holo-novels. She likes tennis, laser tag, and Velocity.

Personal History Born in 2354, Mari grew up in Japan with her adoptive parents. Her mother was a linguist and her father a Scientist. She also had an aptitude for learning languages which her mother discovered one day when she caught Mari listening to the language programs.

At age 15, in 2369, her parents got into an accident and died. Mari went to live with her grandmother in Hawaii where she learned that she was telepathic but never did anythings to encourage it. And Mari never told anyone because she didn't want to be different from the other kids.

Mari enrolled in an University. She studied to become a Medical Lab Technician. There, she met a Starfleet Medical Doctor, Kaito Ogawa, who was on shore leave at the time. He was asked to give a lecture there and she was the attendee. She caught his eye and he asked her out to dinner. It was just like a fairytale, love at first sight. They got married 2 weeks later and he took an extended leave of absence. Three months later, he had to go back to his ship but she decided to stay behind to continue her studies and he went back to his ship and embarked on a mission. Two weeks later, while her husband was on the away mission, he vanished without a trace. She took a year off after falling into a depression. Once it was clear that he wasn't coming back, she enrolled in Starfleet. She lost her love of medicine but she hadn't lost her linguistic abilities. As she continued at the academy, in order to not think about her husband's whereabouts, she immersed herself in every subject she could. She couldn't accept the fact that he was gone, even though he's been missing for a long time and hoped to learn everything she could so she could find him herself. It was becoming an obsession with her. She gave her all in everything. She already knew the Japanese way of fighting but she ventured out and learned other techniques as well. She took every course required so she could get her own command.

In her third year, she became friends with a Starfleet counselor who was extending her education for also a command position. She noticed her obsession and helped her through it. Mari finally realized that she needed to pick a major and settled with Intelligence. Her knowledge of different languages such as Klingon, etc., was a plus. Three years later, Mari graduated with high honors. She also was the class valedictorian.

Mari chose her ship to serve on, the USS Vesper where she did until she got enough experience to venture out on a new adventure. After Starfleet learned that she was telepathic too, she was asked to serve undercover along with a few others to infiltrate a faction that was planning to start a war on a Federation planet. They were successful at stopping the faction from carrying out their plan. After doing this for a while, she grew tired and just wanted to serve on a ship for a while. She ended up being third in command on the USS Crazy Horse.

Mari did more intelligence work but she needed a change. She heard that the USS New Hampshire was looking for a Executive Officer and put in a transfer request. They agreed but with one condition, she had to do one more undercover job. She agreed.
Service Record Kagoshima, Medical School - Earth, SOL
2372 to 2374 - Medical Student

Starfleet Aacademy - Earth, SOL
2374 to 2378 - Medical Student
Cadet One / Four

USS Vesper - Akira Class
2378 to 2384 - Medical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant

USS Gwaihir - Akira Class
2384 to 2389 - Medical Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

Unknown Location - Starfleet Intelligence
2389 to 2393 - Assignment Classified

USS Crazy Horse - Sovereign Class
2393 to 2395 - Assignment Classified

Unknown Location - Starfleet Intelligence
2395 to 2396 - Assignment Classified

USS New Hampshire - Sovereign Class
2393 to 2396 - Executive Officer