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Commodore Jack Pike

Name Jack Pike

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft.4in.
Weight 250
Hair Color Dark Brown (gray streaks)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jack is a nicely built man who is in his late 40's and appears to work out quite a bit.

Distinguishing Marks:scar on right arm from a fight with a Klingon who used a d'tang


Spouse Mutara Pike
Father Kennth Pike
Mother Elizabeth Pike
Other Family Leon Pike-Star Base 400(cousin)
Nathaniel Pike-(cousin) U.S.S. New Hampshire-B
Joseph Pike - U.S.S. Shadow (cousin)
Sartak Pike(cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack is from a family that has many members severing Star fleet for many,many years.
His uncles,cousins have severed in star fleet. His parents wasn't in star fleet and at first they didn't
like Jack going but they soon accepted it. Jack enjoys spending time with his relatives and hearing there
stories on what has happen with them in Star Fleet. Jack in school always did ok in his studies but
sometimes didn't get the best of grades but good enough to pass. Jack decided to join Star Fleet academy and
make something of himself. Jack is a laid back kinda of guy who likes to joke around but is serious when it comes to work.

Place of Birth:Kansas City,Kansas-Earth
Year of Birth:June 4,2348

Languages Spoken:Federation Standard,Vulcan,some Betaziod
Strengths & Weaknesses Jack is mostly a laid back type of person who doesn't anger easy but when he does look out cause it's not usually pretty. Jack is also pretty loyal and trustworthy to his friends. He's also open and honest with people, he's blunt and to the point.
Hobbies & Interests weightlifting,learning bout ancient Vulcan things,studying more on Klingon weaponry,boxing

Personal History Jack is like his many of his relatives who has went on and continued the Pike
family tradition of being in Star fleet. His father didn't join and sometimes voices his thoughts to Jack that he didn't have to do it but Jack always says that
it's his choice. Jack sometimes fights with his father but it's never really that bad. Jack and his mother are rather close and he always talks to her bout
things. Jack played football in high school and took up some boxing. Jack got into a fight one day in his sophomore year of high school beating the kid pretty
bad. He felt bad after it was over and really don't use his boxing unless need be. Jack has dated a few women here and there but really hasn't gotten serious
Service Record Training:Star Fleet academy,advanced security school,
command school,special ops training
Service Record:2368-2372 Star fleet academy
2372-2373 Advanced Security (Ensign)
2374-2375 Command school (Lt JG)
2375-2376 Special Ops training (Lt JG)
2376-2378 assigned to USS Blackknight as Asst.Chief
Security Lt.JG
2378-2379 Promoted to Lt. and made Chief Security on
the USS Blackknight.
2379-2380 Promoted to Lt.commander and became Chief Security on Hawkeye Island.
2380-2381 Served as XO on Hawkeye Island (Lt.commander)
2382-2383 LOA from Star Fleet
2385: switched over to the Marines receiving the rank of Major.
2385: Second Officer/Chief Strategic Ops USS Cairo with the rank of Major
2385: USS Cairo-A; Executive Officer; Major
2385 promoted to Lt.Colonel
2385-2386: USS Cairo-A; Executive Officer;Lieutenant Colonel
2386-2387 U.S.S Bataan; Executive Officer/Marine Commander;Colonel
2387-2396 U.S.S. New Hampshire-A; Commanding Officer; Colonel
2396 Jack switched over to Fleet then took command of the U.S.S. New Hampshire-B and was promoted to Commodore